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How Charlene Incarnate Inherited the Legacy of NYC’s Drag Scene // “That’s what gay people are good at,” she acknowledges, “being audience members and contributing energy.”

“We saw the shuttering of every space [queer folks threw] parties in, every space that wasn’t a typical gay dive bar. They’re all gone now.” The artist grieves both her home [Casa Diva] and the community it provided, and the fact that spaces like hers are “even rarer or nonexistent in the neighborhoods that [queer folks are] still occupying.”

“Taking drag out of nightlife is like taking it out of queerness,” Charlene says, adding that drag “happens in the spaces that were left to us.”

How Papi Juice Became the Most Important Party in New York City // In 2013, Oscar Nuñez and fellow DJ Adam Rhodes were tired of going to parties catering to white, cisgender gay men — and were thus inspired to create a party that centered queer and transgender people of color.

“We are part of a legacy of people who have been doing similar work for years,” Rhodes explains. “Seeing colleagues emerge and get bigger has been amazing. I love that there are more parties that are specifically serving our people. They’re creating spaces where we can be celebrated in all of our beauty and diversity.”

Rare photos of New York’s iconic club kids // We were able to set an example for the everyday kid who was coming from the outer boroughs, and maybe it would give them permission to be a little more liberated within their own lives and within their own context. This was very valuable.

The real tragedy when they closed all of the mega clubs in New York was that a number of creative people lost job opportunities. That’s why New York really suffered culturally when the nightclub industry was targeted and wiped out because all of a sudden people couldn’t pay their rent or sustain their art practices. That was a really sad moment for New York culturally.

Masked balls and gay uprisings: Queer Maps is a guide to 150 years of LGBTQ history // The tool launches at a time of growing concern about the disappearance of queer bars in cities across the country – LA’s last remaining lesbian bar closed in 2017. It honors world-famous institutions alongside little-known haunts that quietly thrived during eras when being gay was criminalized and dangerous.

Saatchi exhibits and BBC Four docs: why is 2019 so nostalgic for 80s rave? // These events were communal and often lawless. They were not happening with anyone’s permission but instead were reactions to the prevailing currents of their time. Deller’s film analyses rave’s role in the traumatised aftermath of the miners’ strike. Rave, he proposed, was “a death ritual marking the transition of Britain from an industrial to a service economy”.

Techno Titan Carl Craig Commissioned for Sound Project at Dia:Beacon, Five Years in the Making // Craig—part of a fabled lineage for a legacy of techno music that was born and bred in Detroit—said he drew connections between his hometown and Dia:Beacon’s setting in a former factory that had been abandoned for years before it was transformed in an art-world destination.

More to the floor: the decade the dancefloor was decolonised // Perhaps partly helped by the global panopticon of the internet, DJs and producers combine everything from the weighty syncopations of footwork to the sparse, percussive rolls of gqom and euphoria of hard trance, until the key compounds are almost unrecognisable – and then add their own distinctive local flavour. The result is a simultaneously global and local sound, and cross-continental collaborations are making it even more cosmopolitan.

First Floor #13 – Where Have All the Anthems Gone? // More and more, what matters is contextualizing an artist within a larger socioeconomic and sociopolitical backdrop. Writers and editors obviously still consider the music, but they’re now also thinking about stuff like identity, representation, privilege and structural discrimination, and while that rubs some people the wrong way—particularly the “it should just be about the music” crowd—I don’t see it as a problem.

Leave Your Body at the Door: How ketamine became the drug of choice for our dissociated moment. // In the 1980s and ’90s, the growth of rave culture brought it onto New York dance floors and it became a staple of the club kid scene, prompting the first wave of ketamine trend pieces. “Whether it’s a gay all-nighter, or at a hard techno rave patronized by young, white out-of-towners, the picture is invariably the same. Come 3 a.m., the dance floor is littered with those wasted on ketamine,” Muzik Magazine wrote in that same 1998 article.

But in 2019, once-fringe elements of rave culture have bled into the mainstream. EDM is elevator music, banker bros and leather-daddies share bumps at Bushwick warehouse events, Silicon Valley has invaded Burning Man, and the wellness world has turned the drugs of the ’60s counterculture into productivity boosters for start-ups. As rave culture has rebranded, ketamine has pivoted with it. Today’s K users are bringing the drug beyond the dance floor: to chilled-out bar nights and tech-world salons, New-Age wellness retreats and quiet nights at home.

NYC Votes To Ban Flavored Vaping Products // New York became the first major city in the country to ban all flavored vaping products on Tuesday. The ban is expected to take effect in July.

The crackdown also comes amid an outbreak of vape-related lung disease that's killed dozens of people nationwide, including at least two New York City residents. Researchers with the Center for Disease Control have linked the sickness to vitamin E acetate, which is commonly used in black market THC vaping products.
11-6 // parka presents Trust Exercise: Courage @ Market Hotel // The theme of the night is Courage as a reminder of the courage it takes to trust and be vulnerable. We forget that not everyone celebrates the holidays the same way and many have had to sacrifice a lot to move away from home.
10-3 // Thanksgiving eve with justin strauss and juan maclean @ Black Flamingo

10-4 // Marcellus Pittman All Night @ Nowadays // The Detroit don is back to bless us with another marathon set.

10-4 // pure immanence XL @ Bossa // 10-11: Pure Immanence, 11-12:20: Night Doll, 12:20-1: perrX (live), 1-3: quest?onmarc, 3-4: Pure Immanence

10-4 // OD: Yurk \ Skyshaker \ WILHELMINA \ Christy @ 444 Club
10-4 // ADAM X & MÆDON @ Bossa

10-4 // Bermuda /\ Thanksgiving night @ Venus in Furs
10 // ELSEWORLD: Juan Atkins, Noncompliant, Lauren Flax & More @ Elsewhere // 🌎🛸 HALL 🛸🌎 Juan Atkins, Noncompliant, Relaxer (live), Lauren Flax 🌎🛸 THE LOFT 🛸🌎 Cultivated Sound and Friends: Maŕa & Chamberlain Zhang, 夜露四苦4649 [ Haruka Salt & Yuri Mizokami], LOKA

$5 off presales
10-4 // Room To Live presents sold and DJ Wawa @ Newtown Radio // sold (Chicago, smartbar, Groove Cafe), DJ Wawa, Room To Live residents

10-4 // Soul 2 Seoul Do Black Friday @ Mood Ring // Tag Team, Back Again, Back by unpopular demand, The original Blasian Super Duo. Chung & Turtle All Night

10-4 // Technofeminism @ Bossa // BORED LORD (LA), AKUA

10-4 // Blazej Malinowski [Live] + Mary Yuzovskaya @ Public Records // Polish-born DJ Blazej Malinowski brings his knack for deep + atmospheric techno to the Sound Room for a live performance. Having released records on Semantica, TGP, SIlent Season + many more, expect a tripped out, mesmerizing set with Monday Off founder, Unter regular, and vinyl-only DJ Mary Yuzovskaya kicking things off and closing the room.

10-4 // Working Women and Martyn @ Nowadays // Nowadays resident DJs Nina, Nicely and Voices, aka Working Women, are teaming up with 3024 boss (and Ostgut Ton, Brainfeeder, Ninja Tune, Hyperdub, Warp and Aus Music alum) Martyn.

10-5 // Stenny, rrao, Only Child, Significant Other Plus Lagasta, Jacques Renault, Boys' Shorts @ Good Room // Stenny is an essential producer in driving forward the sound of Ilian Tape. A versatile, adventurous and tough approach allow for constant forward momentum and a truly unrelenting energy on the dancefloor.
10-5 // NEW YORK TRAX x VOITAX @ BASEMENT // In partnership with the forward-thinking, Berlin-based, record label Voitax, New York Trax brings 4 massive live acts for its Basement debut. Makaton LIVE, Swarm Intelligence LIVE, Brenecki LIVE, Deflector LIVE, Cressida, Paàl
10-4 // XXxBORED LORD x NYCxXx @ Mood Ring // ୧༼ಠ益ಠ༽୨ bored lord, pauli cakes, phoneg1rl, nk badtz maru ୧༼ಠ益ಠ༽୨

10-4 // FIT Siegel / DJ Fire / DJ Healthy @ Bossa

10-4 // Soul Summit Music All Night Long @ Black Flamingo

10-5 // Perel, L&L&L + Lost Soul Enterprises with L. Sangre, R Gamble @ Good Room // Perel will be joined by L&L&L Record Club. Lost Soul Enterprises takes over the Bad Room with party residents L.Sangre and R Gamble. LSE is a party and label focused on mutant sounds past and present: wave, electro, body music, and all things in between.

10-5 // Shelter 002: Timmy Regisford, Francis Harris + Special Guests @ Public Records // Crossing generations of fans in New York, Timmy Regisford joins Public Records music director and partner Francis Harris for a monthly affair in the Sound Room with one question in mind: How deep is your love for House?

11 // Occupy the Disco @ Elsewhere (Zone One)

10-7 // Dee Diggs, Posi-Track and DJ Bone @ Nowadays // For this soiree, HalfMoonBK's Dee Diggs is teaming up with Fermented Frequency's Posi-Track and the inimitable DJ Bone. Good luck leaving before daybreak.
3-9 // The Carry Nation All Day @ Nowadays // Nita Aviance and Will Automagic have been working together as the Carry Nation for the better part of a decade. During that time, they've lit up clubs, lofts and warehouses the world over and released music on Nervous, Classic Music Company and W&O Street Tracks.
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Pricey tickets, police raids, and power-wielding superstar DJs got you down? Or maybe the rave protests in Chile and Lebanon got you hyped? Pluretariat, a leftist techno zine, is looking for contributors for our second issue. Please hit us up with your ideas by December 7. See you on the dancefloor!

How Underground Resistance Became the Public Enemy of Techno // As Brooklyn’s club scene churns with money (real estate!) and talent (heavy on incredible female and queer DJs and producers), the all-too-rare appearance by UR in the city partly built on commodified beats is a nutritional reminder that those who don’t know their past will have trouble creating a useful future. Not so much musically, as socially and economically.

The growing importance of the night-time economy // Nationally, it is the UK's fifth-biggest industry, accounting for at least 8% of the UK's employment and annual revenues of £66bn.

"The night-time economy in New York generates $35.1bn in economic activity, and nearly $700m in local tax revenue."

What does the city’s new quiet nightlife campaign mean for Brooklyn? // "Ultimately, the complainers shouldn’t worry about it for too long. Rents will rise and more small businesses will close. Like many places, the over-building of luxury condos will lead to the demise of the small business, more empty storefronts, and the death of NYC.”

This nightclub for the elderly is fighting loneliness with tea party disco // Aside from the club’s main vision to unite a happier and healthier community of old folks, it is also an attempt to create a crossover between the younger and the older generations. “I think we’ve lost a lot of interaction between the ages, it’s not the type of thing that capitalism encourages.”

Gays Hate Techno talk non-commercial techno culture, with a killer compilation to match // The objective of the volunteering is much more about shaking people out of spectator mode and giving them an excuse to make new friends while being part of the event, not just part of the audience.

The death of gay clubbing and the rise of the alt queer night // With the high calibre of DJs now playing them, could queer nights be in danger of being too good? If, in the past, we've had to worry about our spaces being invaded by hen nights looking to dance to Glee mega-mixes, should we now be worried about straight hypebeasts with Mixmag subscriptions?

“There is definitely the possibility of loads of straight blokes starting to turn up to queer parties. On nights where we’ve suspected that the DJ we’ve booked would likely attract a straighter crowd than usual, we’ve kept the headliner secret and found that to be effective. This approach at least weeds out the people who would come for the specific DJ, stand about looking at the booth, then leave without really engaging with anyone else.”

10-3 // PAT @ Union Pool // 6.5 Year Running Free Mixed Queer Party

9:30-4 // 8 Ball Radio x Effervescence @ Bossa // Your two favorite parties join forces to bring some hip-shaking heat to stave off the fall cold at your favorite astrology themed haunt.

10-4 // Rosa Perreo @ Bossa // A party of Latinx club reggaeton music.

10-4 // Modal Form 34: Chloé Lula / M Parent / Kohl @ Jupiter Disco // A monthly session exploring the furthest reaches of dub/dub-techno and beyond within the lovely listening focused environment that is Jupiter Disco.

10-4 // In Trance We Trust @ 444 Club // ⭐️⭐️⭐️Trance music all night ⭐️⭐️⭐️

10-4 // Key+Needle: Resonance with Justin Cudmore, Hermes Bertoni, Spencer Zabiela, Nico Kass @ Good Room
12-7 // The Bunker with DJ Nobu & Patrick Russell @ Market Hotel // We’ve booked two of the world’s best mind-control music DJs to take you on a journey.
10-2 // Penthouse - PH3 @ Rebecca's // hit P for penthouse, a house focused party. Tigga Calore, Perris

10-4 // Deep Confessions: Ash Lauryn, Jordan Ehr, Ashburn @ Mood Ring // Ash has been sharing her love for black American music through her Underground and Black NTS radio show and blog where she gives insight into her experiences, adventures, struggles, and opinions about being an up and coming DJ, POC, and female involved in electronic dance music.

10-4 // Secret Guest (Dekmantel), Dee Diggs, AceMoMa @ Bossa // they've played once before at happy hour is the only clue we're willing to give. just come dont guess ♥

10-4 // Will DiMaggio and Central @ Nowadays // Will is a Future Times alum and an ill selector who resides in Queens. Central is co-boss of three Århus-based labels, Help Recordings, No Hands and Regelbau.

10-4 // Goonroom with Ron Like Hell [Wrecked] @ Jupiter Disco // We caught Ron melting minds this year at Club Toilet in Detroit and immediately knew we had to make something happen back home. So here we are :)

10-4 // Jolly Good Fellows @ 444 Club // Secret Special Guest, Significant Other, DJ Healthy, RTMC, PG-13

10-4 // Hazy Daze: Dan Snazelle, Samuel Fish, AxFx @ Bodeguita BK

10-5 // Madam X, DJ Richard, Shy Eyez Plus Spiritual Mental Physical @ Good Room

10-5 // Mood Hut w/ Local Artist, CZ Wang, Mela Melania, Dj'j @ Public Records // The Vancouver label with a penchant for left-field house makes its awaited return.

12-10 // DAMA (Cocktail D’Amore) on Juicy Street @ Trans-Pecos // DAMA is know for his extra long sets at Cocktail. Whether it be in the Main Room, the Garden, or Cosmic Hole, ravers have grown to expect rare gems spanning multiple genres mixed in a way that induces spontaneous dancing and other debauchery to smiling faces for hours on end.

11-late // Gush @ 1090 Wyckoff
10:30-5:30 // No Frills @ 99 Scott // No Frills is back!!! We're ready to get dark & dirty in our NEW venue...99 Scott! No Name, No Frills, Just Beatz... ALINKA, SKIN, MICHAEL MAGNAN, THE CARRY NATION

TQ special discount tickets
10-5 // Dasha Rush / Evigt Mörker /The Long Count Cycle @ BASEMENT // In Dasha's twisted world, the machines are the protagonists. Evigt Mörker's sets are far more forceful and energetic than his releases. The Long Count Cycle is the DJ/live duo of DJ Scallywag and Mr. Blacklauren.
10-6 // Tygapaw, Russell E.L. Butler and Skyshaker @ Nowadays // TYGAPAW is the Jamaica-born, Brooklyn-based DJ and producer who heads up Fake Accent. Russel E.L. Butler is an innovator with releases on Opal Tapes, Jacktone & Spectral Sound. Skyshaker is an affiliate of Qween Beat, Fake Accent, Futurehood, & GHE20GOTH1K.
11-7 // 3 Years of The Black Hole @ Secret Location // Sept (US Debut) (DUEL, Voxnox Records, Sonntag Morgen), Anthro (US Debut) (Black Carpet, OBSCUUR Records, Pls.Uk), Word of Command, Xiorro, Adrestia, Buzzi.
6-10 // Honey Please w/ Nita Aviance @ Metropolitan Bar // A weekly Low Tea DJ set with Reaubert and Special Guests. Get a taste of disco, pop, house, soul, and queer classics.

8-2 // Unsound New York 2019 @ Knockdown Center

10-4 // XMPZ / Bryn Barnett / Ghorba / Serena Jara @ Bossa

10-4 // Mild Fantasy~ Love Letters, Olga & Elle Dee @ Mood Ring

10-4 // Open House: MoMa Ready, Haruka, Emil Bergh, John Barera & Serrian @ The Dance

10-4 // HOUSE OF NO @ House of YES // Jack your body and embrace the shapes of the darkness. Lose yourself in powerful pulsating rhythms of our friends from The Bunker New York: Bryan Kasenic & Lauren Flax

10-4 // Club Cringe @ 444 Club // Abby, Jane Angmar, DJ Wallhax, L.A. Olympics, Girldrop, Mister Worldwides

10-5 // Black Merlin, Willie Burns Plus Mnmlktchn @ Good Room

11 // 박혜진 park hye jin, Deep Creep, Dreemseed @ Elsewhere
9-4 // DANCEforAIDS Lauren Flax Justin Strauss ZAS AnaRoman J.S. Sparro @ Bossa // This is a benefit to help raise funds for LGBT Network's HIV/AIDS programs with an amazing lineup.

3-9 // Soul Summit All Day @ Nowadays // The mighty Soul Summit is back for another indoor jam at our house.

3-10 // A Very Friendsgiving Paradisco by Occupy The Disco @ Le Bain
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When the queer dancefloor becomes a straight safari // My gaydar isn't always on point, but sometimes it's just blatantly obvious that desire is being acted out in the service of straightness (read: in the service of straight men), which is bringing the very structures that we were trying to escape back into the spaces created to break them down.

Queer Maps // 📍 A rich map of active LGBTQ bars, nightclubs, organizations, etc. in Los Angeles from 1871-today. 📆 Launching November 15

Review Essay: “Straight Histories of Queer Music” //
Pioneering queer musicologist Philip Brett once observed that gay children “often experience a shutdown of all feeling as the result of their parents’ and society’s disapproval of a basic part of their sentient life [thus] music appears as a veritable lifeline.”

Gen(d)erations: Wendy Carlos’ Life and Work Show the Beauty (and Trauma) of Being Openly Trans // Sharing her story meant forever changing her relationship with her family and the public, opening herself up to abuse and scrutiny beyond reason, and risking professional ruin — yet Carlos did so anyway.

mix_nyc.filmfestival // It’s happening! Please join us for a mini-Mix Queer Experimental Film Showcase Nov 23rd & 24th

Unsound Talk 05: How To Respond Instead of React in the Digital Age //
Cultural commentator and stylist Ayishat Akanbi presented a key talk at Unsound Krakow 2019, including ten practical steps to help navigate the linguistic landmine of social media.“The digital discourse that shapes our cultural landscape is a hotbed of conflict, shaming, one-upmanship, and misunderstanding. But I do believe we can use the Internet to further our understanding, and create multiple avenues for empathy if we are disciplined in our use."

How Experimental Musicians Are Soundtracking the End of the World // Abstract in form but pointed in its critique, these expressions of ecological resistance and anthropocene despair often use some element of the looming catastrophe as a key part of the music itself.

Sofar, So Bad // Sofar Sounds is a venture capital–backed enterprise that has spent the past decade co-opting the timeless traditions of house shows in order to extract profits from the music world.

Everything about Sofar Sounds is a data-driven simulacrum: a performance of what it might be like to be at a house show, intimate in a way that has been optimized for Instagram.

Sofar has also partnered with the likes of WeWork, Airbnb, Uber, and the dating app Bumble, which should tell you all you need to know about its vision for culture.

Sofar is attempting to profit off the illusion of connection to local scenes when in reality it is synonymous with the type of tech-enabled monoculture that erodes local connections, all the while downplaying the significance of permanent, physical spaces to community building.

The Changing Economics Of Electronic Music: Part 2 // (here's Part 1) // Telefon Tel Aviv: Maybe we need to be accepting corporate money when we can, but also relying on it is sort of setting yourself up for a major failure. Because it can be abandoned instantly and without warning, as we've seen.

Patrice Bäumel: I think our scene is actually pretty non-dependent on sponsorship simply because there's already so much public demand for it. There's so many parties and there's so many examples of festivals that can survive without sponsorship. Our music is extremely popular, I wouldn't even call it underground anymore. There isn't an underground scene anymore, because this music is mainstream.

Mat Dryhurst: What is a bigger problem? The rise of algorithmic populism and the radical, violent, barbarian restructuring of culture? Or a few select organisations who I think are pretty earnest in their intentions to pay artists to do whatever they want with as few conditions imposed on them creatively as possible?

Red Bull Music Academy Lectures

First Floor #11 - So... Are DJs Actually Just Exploiting Producers? //
Producers need to actually make money, or electronic music is going to wind up in a shitty place. DJs, on the other hand, are making a lot of money, but those profits aren’t trickling down to the people whose music they’re playing. At the same time, pitting DJs and producers against one another feels counterproductive, especially when there are other parties who are also making a killing out there: festival promoters, certain clubs, massive tech companies, etc.

A lot of the problems electronic music is facing are just a microcosm of what all creative industries our facing in the era of platform capitalism, and things are looking grim. So yes, DJs are probably exploiting producers. But they’re not the only ones, and they’re not doing it on purpose.

Dance Dance Revolution: How EDM Conquered America in the 2010s // As internet-famous producers began to receive lucrative booking requests, many scrambled to learn how to DJ. Meanwhile, DJs who had made their names on track curation and technical ability were now suddenly expected to have original music. This shift led to a demand for what became known as “ghost producers”: gifted technicians willing to stay in the shadows, making music for established acts that found themselves unable to fill the market’s needs with their own creations.

Two of the highest-paid DJs in the world right now are the guy in the mouse head and the guy in the marshmallow head.

Dancecult is a peer-reviewed, open-access e-journal for the study of electronic dance music culture (EDMC). A platform for interdisciplinary scholarship on the shifting terrain of EDMCs worldwide, the journal houses research exploring the sites, technologies, sounds and cultures of electronic music in historical and contemporary perspectives. // CURRENT ISSUE published 11 Nov 2019

‘New York Club Kids’: Waltpaper’s dazzling ode to America’s first true influencers // At the end of the ‘90s, there was a huge political shift that actively sought to eliminate the thriving nightlife scene. Politics became more focused on banks, tourism, and real estate, as opposed to culture. Mayor Giuliani fought to close down all clubs. At the end of that period, we had 9/11, and then went into this sort of blackout where everybody was so confused, and everything we knew as staples of New York were gone. There was this gap where nobody knew what was going on, what to do.

CCL: “I WILL ALWAYS BE ORGANISING SOMETHING” // One thing that is both a setback and an asset for us here in North America is that while in Europe, electronic music is part of mainstream culture, in North America it’s not. It’s becoming more popular (despite the fact that it was literally born and developed in North America), but it’s still not a part of mainstream culture.

The parties are also smaller, less people come out to shows than they would in European cities, so the risks as a promoter are steeper. However, this makes things feel different. I find I have a lot more in common, on many levels, with people who seek this music out in this way, it feels more political and self selecting.

Giant Swan: The shape of noise to come // “We’re lucky enough to have [a different] perspective, coming from a rock music background,” Harry reasons. “You learn gratitude when playing for £40 and four warm Red Stripes. When you’re at a rock gig, you’re not going to have a fag halfway through, then come back and fuck around at the bar when the band are playing. You’ll be worming to the front, singing along to lyrics, partaking in the central event of where your money has gone. With dance music, half the people there don’t give a fuck about you, so there’s something more for us to prove.”

He grits his teeth. "What I have a problem with is DJs that aren't aware of any of that. They feel the audience owe them something, griping baout someone in the crowd on their phone. You're basically playing on a massive phone anyway. Behave yourself."

Berlin Wall: 'Germany was first reunited on the dancefloor' // As the scene progressed - and original basement nights like Tekknozid and UFO gave birth to clubs like the legendary Tresor and E-Werk - two things were vitally important in ensuring it could prosper.

Firstly, unlike in the UK and other European nations, Berlin's clubs and bars did not have to close at a particular time, due to the abolition of the curfew in 1949. So parties could go on literally all weekend. "There are places that have never closed for the last 17 years - they will open 24 hours, seven days," notes Hoffmann.

And secondly, the driving influence of the gay community at venues like Metropol - which had previously been "a Berlin equivalent to Studio 54", he adds, referring to the famous New York nightclub.

HOW THE FALL OF THE BERLIN WALL FORGED AN ANARCHIC TECHNO SCENE // ELLEN ALLIEN: “It almost felt like living in a cage. When the wall came down, I did not believe it. I cried like crazy, it was like a dream. It was a celebration of freedom, like somebody coming out of a prison – I explored East Berlin straight away. It was so different."

“Without the divide in the first place, the club scene would not be what it is today. It would not be as compassionate as it is now. Berlin club owners were really passionate – they had ideas about free-form living. They loved what they did – it was a lifestyle. This energy comes from the political situation."

A PERFUME THAT SMELLS LIKE BERLIN TECHNO CLUB TRESOR HAS GONE ON SALE // A new fragrance based on the scent inside the original Tresor club in Berlin, which closed in 2005 before relocating and reopening in 2007, has been created. The fragrance will come packaged with the first 300 copies to be sold of a new Russian translation edition of techno history book 'Der Klang Der Familie'.

"PROTEST ALL DAY, PARTY ALL NIGHT": HOW RAVE IS UNITING THE LEBANESE REBELLION // Ever since the iconic B018 club opened in downtown Beirut in the 90s there has been strong link between the anti-sectarianism movement and electronic music in the country. “The clubs that play house and techno in Lebanon have always been a space where people can come together and forget the religious tensions in the county.”

London venue FOLD ordered to shut by Newham Council over fraud allegations // FOLD is currently appealing the suspension. They hope to remain open this weekend and for all future events. The club opened in East London last year, quickly becoming a hotspot for underground nightlife with its 24-hour license.

Watch: A New Documentary About the Struggle For Sydney’s Nightlife // In addition to more obvious destinations such as Berlin, Detroit and London, the series has also covered Johannesburg and Mexico City.

New private dorm in the Fenway would feature LGBTQ-centric theater to make up for the gay club it would eliminate

GOODBYE "MACHINE" // After nearly 25 years of laughter, tears and everything in between Machine is set to close its doors soon and make way for yet MORE condos in the Fenway.

Dreamland Roller Disco opens a new retro roller rink in Downtown Brooklyn // Events
10-4 // Agenda 11/14 w. Love Letters, Kuscheln @ Bossa // Welcome to the queendom of QUEER-A-LOT, a fab land full of rainblows, fierce creatures and blood-pumping acid and techno. Soar high with your Queerbears Love Letters, Kuscheln, Joey Quinones, and Kozlov as they take you on a hedonistic aural journey.
9-3 // DJ Lag + Blazer Sound System @ Public Records // DJ Lag, otherwise known as the “King of Gqom”. A night of offbeat bass-thumping + hypnotic tracks that the South Africa native is known for. Coming off the release of his 6 track “Uhuru” EP, expect entrancing syncopated rhythms with the NYC-based and Public Records pResidents, Blazer Sound System.

10-2 // Sensoria with Ken Meier @ Jupiter Disco // Sensoria with special guest Ken Meier (Fear of Music)
10-5 // Objekt / Pearson Sound / Heidi Sabertooth @ BASEMENT // Although techno is still Objekt's focus, he leaves traces of electro, house, acid, DnB and more through his highly technical mixing. Pearson Sound is one of the three heads behind Hessle Audio alongside Ben UFO and Pangaea. NYC-based multi-instrumentalist, DJ and producer Heidi Sabertooth has a serious love for hardware.

10-4 // J. Albert / DJ Hearsay / Serrian / Sheepshead @ Jupiter Disco // J. Albert has played with us before, but after a return to Hypercolour Records and some new material brought to fruition under his DJ Osom pseudonym, the local legend has been finding new pathways to sear into the dancefloor subconscious.

10-4 // Anthony Naples and Changsie @ Nowadays // Nowadays resident and Incienso label co-boss Anthony Naples is joined by Tokyo selector and Joyride resident Changsie.

10-4 // Half Moon @ Bossa Nova // 
Half Moon returns to Bossa for another episode of our monthly residency featuring Ballroom legend MikeQ, with Half Moon residents PlayPlay and Adair.

10-6 // Aurora Halal and Pessimist @ Nowadays // Sustain-Release mastermind Aurora Halal joins up with Bristol-based techno and dnb phenom Pessimist.
10-6 // Wrecked w/ Ron Like Hell & Ryan Smith All Night Long @ BASEMENT // By this time, it will have been a year since our last residents night. We couldn't be more excited to take you on an 8 hour psychedelic adventure.
12-7 // Spinoff Gabber: VTSS, Randomer, Rob Gee @ Warehouse Location TBA // We’ve invited one of the legends who helped define the hardcore soundscape: Jersey’s own ROB GEE. Rounding the bill will be the U.S. debut of BODY SUSHI (aka Unter alums Randomer b2b VTSS) bookended by sets from Brooklyn hardcore experimenter SHYBOI and SPINOFF GABBER resident NICK BAZZANO.

25% off presales
10-4 // Tripped, Lenny Dee, Kilbourne, Doxa @ Bossa // 6 HOURS OF HARDCORE TECHNO 𝖜𝖎𝖙𝖍 Tripped, Belgian Industrial Terrorhead and MadBlack Records Label Boss makes his NYC Debut. Lenny Dee, New York Hardcore and Industrial Strength Records Godfather Lays Waste.

10-4 // Savile + AceMo @ Public Records // With Savile’s ear always open to underground of techno + house, the combination of him and AceMo only feels natural as both artists continue to make a name for themselves as experts of the decks and energy.

10-4 // Feel My Bicep: Bicep [DJ set] / Mor Elian / Hammer / Max Pask @ Knockdown Center

10 // Classixx (DJ Set), Museum of Love (DJ), NELLEKE, DJ Minx, Extra Water, Loft: Dee Diggs @ Elsewhere

10-6 // Solarplexia - Four Years - The Last Dance @ Brooklyn Bazaar // The final Solarplexia. Justin Strauss [A/JUS/TED, Whatever/Whatever], Barbie Bertisch [Love Injection, The Lot Radio], Mike Guimond, Seth Magoon, Kowloon Baby


4am-? // Sintastic Static Music By: The Carry Nation @ TBA // Sunday mornings are Sintastic! This is just a PURE underground event.
3-9 // Honcho and Jacq Jill @ Nowadays // Aaron Clark, Clark Price and George d'Adhemar — aka the gents behind one of Pittsburgh's most beloved parties, Honcho — are back to host another daytime dance at our place. This time, they'll have help from rising DC star Jacq Jill.

4-10 // Weird Science @ Magick City // ꆳ Bryan Kasenic (The Bunker New York) ꆳ DJ Scallywag (The Long Count Cycle) ꆳ Amourette (Weird Science) ꆳ

6-12 // Bufiman + Justin Strauss @ Public Records // Jan Schulte is a multi-talented artist from Düsseldorf, a resident at the infamous 'Salon des Amateurs', and musical host of far-out experimental parties. Justin Strauss sets the night in motion.
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Rhythm is a Dancer, A Conversation with DeForrest Brown // Clubbing as a transcendent and potentially rejuvenating experience is taxed and sold at a low price into an ambient commons, with the intention to bait voyeurs into moving to urban centers to invest further in the sacrificial experience. 

The “Make Techno Black Again” campaign works in direct opposition to this business model in that it is a readymade object that bears a memetic syllogism. To assert that techno is Black is to insist that a fundamental component of the highest equitable product in the dance music economy is in fact stolen goods.

“Make Techno Black Again” ruptures the conjunctive imagery of a White person dancing to techno and quite literally replaces it with a Black body. Whatever the reaction is, the thought is now an afterimage and strips techno as a genre of music of its essential neutrality as an item of leisure consumption and calls into question what product is actually being distributed and sold.

Nina Kraviz’s response to criticism is indicative of a larger problem in the music industry // There is often an acute lack of understanding around how cultural appropriation facilitates capitalist hierarchies and the further stealing from already marginalised groups. People are quick to roll their eyes at it, and deny the severity by which it contributes to systematic oppression.

A sad reality is that even though this call-out has occurred, there are still plenty of white techno bros who will defend and support Nina in her career, feeding into a narrative that we are bullying her. She is ultimately likely to benefit from this press, and go on to maintain the collection of her coin. White supremacy, which transcends all aspects of global society, will keep her under its wing and protect her from extensive harm.

Adopting an “ignorance apologist” attitude around white people in this industry is not enough – especially with white women, who are constantly excused and allowed innocence under white supremacy, while, as women, they gain status as the shining tokens of “diversity” against a backdrop of cis men dominating the industry.

Gen(d)erations: This Trans Drum & Bass Musician Was a Pioneer in the 90s. Why Isn’t She Getting Her Due? // 1997’s When Worlds Collide, one of the earliest and most creative American drum & bass albums, told a conceptual story of humanity’s tumultuous first encounter with aliens — but the record’s subtext contained a narrative that was much more personal. The DJ known to fans as 1.8.7, in reality a young Black transgender woman named Jordana LeSesne, was on her own collision course with society, and nobody was ready for the explosion that would result.

Those People We Tried to Cancel? They’re All Hanging Out Together // Cancellation does present a question about power, and who has it.

“The biggest problem we have as a culture is that we can’t define who the establishment is,” Mr. Tavana said. “Is the establishment the woke media people who own 99 percent of the keyboards in the country, or is it the old, canceled guys in media? Who’s the punk rock band and who’s the corporate rock band?”

JUUL’s ‘Banned’ Flavors Are Still Absolutely Available in New York City // Aside from counterfeit pods—most of which come from unregulated warehouses in China, and are so ubiquitous that posts about them on the r/juul Reddit are treated as spam—JUUL’s overall popularity, and its decision to then try and self-efface from the market, opened the gateway for a flood of third-party, JUUL-compatible pods; like cutting off one head of a Hydra and watching it spawn dozens more. As the moral panic/public health crisis around vaping continues to swirl, these third-party pods are regarded with a high level of suspicion, because no one really knows what’s in their e-juice.

1989: How reunified Berlin birthed a club culture revolution // "People came from all over Europe and they were like, what's going on here?" Motte remembers. "The music was very special. The atmosphere was very special. The people working there were very special. The location was very special. This was all new. It had never happened before."

Exist Festival 2019 // Exist festival takes advantage of the fertility of Palestine's counterculture and injects some of the most brilliant names in sound in the worldwide scene. Some of the main principles we uphold include resistance to homophobia, and the ongoing colonisation of various parts of the world by state actors or multi-national oligarchs. In turn, we think that this colonisation leaves no one free, and that it especially targets communities (human and non-human) that are most marginalised by capital and historical racial and ethnic structures.

#31 __ the warehouse // The club will always be a single vision, a particular interpretation of the dance experience with arbitrary limitations and boundaries. It can never transcend the party to become a rave. The warehouse has no such restrictions. It is a blank canvas waiting to be fulfilled. In the right hands, it can become anything.
How dance music can create the more beautiful world we know is possible. // As Emma Goldman said, "If I can't dance, I don't want to be part of your revolution."

BAN FACIAL RECOGNITION AT LIVE SHOWS // Facial recognition is coming, unless we stop it. Major companies are investing in it, and even smaller bars and venues are experimenting with it. Festivals, venues, and promoters must take a stand and refuse to use this invasive and racially biased technology, which puts music fans at risk of being unjustly detained, harassed, judged, or even deported.

Music Journalism Insider is a newsletter about music journalism. From news to job listings to interviews with the writers and editors and content creators that matter, Music Journalism Insider keeps you up to date with where things are going and why.
10-4 // Distrikt1 w/ Kander,Sedef Adasi ,Yuri Mizokami @ Bossa // Kander: A UK duo known for hard intense raw techno. Sedef Adasi (DE): Resident of Blitz Music Club Munich, bounces between techno, house, disco and electro. Yuri Mizokami: Hailing from Japan and based in Brooklyn, with an exquisite music taste. Ne/Re/A: your resident
10-4 // SYNTHICIDE // TWINS, Ernestas Sadau, Pelada, Andi @ Bossa // TWINS / That Which Is Not Said [LIVE, ATL] // DKA, 2MR, Crimes of the future, CGI Records, ERNESTAS SADAU [LITHUANIA] // Digital Tsunami, Pinkman, PELADA [DJ SET, CAN] // MIND Records, ANDI // SYNTHICIDE
11-11 // Sublimate: 6 Year Anniversary // Topping off the bill we have queer DJ duo Fatherhood aka Michael Magnan & Physical Therapy. Liquid Asset will blow us all into outer space with one of her live hardware sets. Ali Berger is coming in hot with his live act, too. Russell E.L. Butler and our own Turtle Bugg treat us to their first b2b set. Love Letters is back to kickoff the night. And lastly Sagotsky will blow out candles.

RSVP by Fri 9pm // $20 door list
10-4 // Cooper Saver + Nina BC @ Public Records // Cooper Saver, the LA-based DJ and producer responsible for the Far Away parties + cassette series + radio show, brings some California sunshine to the east coast. Nina BC is a third of the Working Women DJ collective and a PR favorite.

10-4 // Binh All Night @ Nowadays // Binh is a Berlin-based DJ and producer with releases on Cabaret Records, Perlon, My Own Jupiter, Undersound Recordings and his own Time Passages label. He's also a longtime record digger with a love of long sets.

10-4 // Whiplash: X-Coast / Sybil Jason @ Bossa // as always, we invite you to expand your total self...

10-4 // Elixir: Heidi Sabertooth ~ Lilei ~ Rob Seurat @ Mood Ring

10:30-4:30 // HARDER - Stathis + Mike Swells // 3 Dollar Bill // HARDER this month celebrates Ricardo's birthday (if you don't know who he is, he's the organizer of HARDER). Come have a dance with him. DJs: Mike Swells (Soundspace) and Stathis (Discosodoma/ Berlin)

10-5 // PoleGroup night w/ Oscar Mulero / Adriana Lopez / Deepak Sharma @ BASEMENT // Since the early 90s, Oscar Mulero has been a primary influence for the Spanish electronic music and underground techno scene. A leading figure in the underground scene of her hometown of Bogotá, Colombia, Adriana has become one of South America’s finest artists. Curator of Hidden Recordings, DJ, and producer Deepak Sharma has been creating raw and gritty techno for over ten years.

11-4 // Sinister Current / Kilbourne @ Saint Vitus // Kilbourne, Pictureplane, WTCHCRFT B2B Sweeep, VAPORDOG, R COLE

11:30-4 // Worst Behavior: Ziúr, UNiiQU3, Swisha, Bastiengoat, Anna Morgan, Bell Curve @ The Sultan Room

11-6 // TechnoFist Presents: Katalyst x Fast Forward @ H0L0 // Room 1: Lund&Rønde, Phillip Drube, CMND:Z. Room 2: Oracles, Lyceum, WaveReset
10-6 // The Carry Nation November 2019 @ Good Room // The Carry Nation, Jeffrey Sfire, Dee Diggs, Stathis, DJ Jolene

RSVP by Sat 6pm // $20 door list
10-4 // Jane Fitz @ Public Records // A stalwart of the scene for over 25 years, Jane Fitz, the international selector and resident at London’s Pickle Factory, makes a stop in the Sound Room for an extended 6-hour set. Psychedelic, spaced out, deep, minimal and surely with more than a few unexpected rolling ethereal turns, her extended sets have become the talk of legends.

10-4 // Ghe20gh0th1k @ 260 Meserole St. // HAPPY COLORS, VENUS X, NINO BROWN, DJ DANA LU, WAHGWANTWON, AQ

10-4 // House of Mess w/ Perris, Morenxxx, Vjuan Allure & I Hate Marky @ Elsewhere Loft

10-4 // Confused House @ Bossa // Miss parker, Jwords (live), Kite (live), bookworms (?)

10-4 // 3afak: DJ Delish, DJ Sanna & Bergsonist @ Mood Ring // Bringing along immaculate talent from West Philadelphia, DJ Delish has been continuously making a name for themselves. Delish, who also goes by Khadijah, known for her rapid-fire track selection is also regarded for her shifted production style, distancing more from ballroom directed tracks the focus being more hinged in Hip Hop.

10-4 // Future Perfect with Justin Cudmore & HOMAGE @ House of YES

10-5 // Cxema Backstage @ BASEMENT // Cxema is Ukrainian independent cultural organization. Cxema parties are representing the new wave of rave culture in Eastern Europe. Emerging during difficult times in Ukraine, the underground parties provide refuge on the dance floor for a young generation of creatives to have their own freedom. Cxema Backstage is a showcase, which gathers the most exciting Ukrainian artists as well as musicians from all over the world to represent Cxema’s musical approach in other countries. ■ VOIN ORUWU (LIVE) ■ ■ HYPERAKTIVIST ■ ■ RELAXER ■

10-6 // Seltzer (Bearcat and Precolumbian) and Bambii @ Nowadays // BEARCAT and Precolumbian welcome Toronto selector and JERK founder Bambii to the fray.

12-8 // Groovy Groovy X No Surrender @ secret location // SECRETGUEST1000 (SUMAC), COP ENVY (Hypercolour), DREEMSEED, AKANBI, DJ TEMPORARY
10-4 // Epilogue V: Arthur Kimskii, Young Male, Stauffenberg @ Bossa // Sir Arthur Kimskii doth travel from distant lands , armed with a vicious flow of techno tunes. 😈
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The future of NYC’s queer techno scene // The Face’s Paul Bui followed up with notable figures including: Volvox, Lydo (X-TRA SERVICES), LSDXOXO, Katie Rex (Bound), TT, Carry Nation, False Witness, Seva Granik (Unter), NK Badtz Maru (Hot 'N Spicy), Kozlov and Joey Quinones (Agenda), Cali Rose (New World Dysorder), NE/RE/A (Distrikt1), Justin Cudmore (Balance, The Bunker) and Tom Calahan of Techno Queers...

Volvox: I do think there will be more and more challenges as the real estate situation becomes ever more complex. But I hope that our community will be flexible and embrace any potential evolution, whether that means different event hours, re-invading Manhattan etc. Who knows what creative solution we may need to attempt!

False Witness: I hope people remember spaces like The Spectrum and have the audacity to try to build something like that for themselves. I also think we spend too much time just trying to survive and allies just let us struggle because only the party is visible and not the day-to-day. That needs to change so we can start envisioning any kind of futurity at all.

06/23/19 | DisCakes Panel | "On Artistic Autonomy in NYC" // Topics: underground music scene, nightlife, our artistic community, how we could divest from overground institutions and other prevalent topics. Featuring: DeForrest Brown Jr., dime (HARDCORSET) aka Tyler Jones, Homosinner, Kamila, Lust sick puppy, Nina Posner, Princess Peggie, Shanita Bump.

11 more City Council Members needed to pass "Talks Not Raids" Bill #1156. Call your City Council Member to ask for their support (or thank them for their support): (212) 788-7210

Frank Ocean’s second PrEP+ club night didn’t have to be anything but fun // Alexis, a trans Latine attendee of the party, largely felt PrEP+ was in line with their expectations for queer nightlife in New York. “Every single party in New York is problematic,” they told me. “This is something that’s very capitalist, it’s being used to promote an album, but I think that happens in any of these spaces that are organised and created for trans and queer people of color. At every party, there’s people trying to make money.”

'We need all hands on deck': Scenes from Melting Point and Riobamba's anti-ICE protest rave in New York // Riobamba held the crowd rapt as, suddenly overcome with emotion, she struggled to read aloud the names of those recently lost in ICE custody. Three members of the collective Sinchi Warmi also spoke, underscoring the importance of direct action and pressing for policy change outside of nightlife settings.

Raving outside I.C.E.’s New York headquarters // “Club music has always been a refuge for people,” a woman from the Bronx who had just left her office only a few blocks away told me, “[and] there are so many ways in which systemic struggle is interwoven into the club music experience.” 

Over 200 musicians have pledged to boycott Amazon's music festival unless the company severs all ties with ICE // In July, Amazon employees sent an internal letter telling the company to cut ties to ICE, and protesters blocked traffic in New York City because of an AWS conference. In August, some employees of Whole Foods, which is owned by Amazon, demanded that the company cut ties with Palantir, a tech company that provides software used to gather data about undocumented immigrants.

The City Is Cracking Down On LES Nightlife Noise & Traffic // A group of protesters waiting there claimed the city was ignoring neighborhoods like Jackson Heights and Flatbush that have more minority-owned businesses. “Black business are being shut down and they’re being fined out of existence,” community organizer Morgan Flores told the Post. “People are losing their livelihoods, their savings and their retirement and there’s no help."

Cultivating Community Through Vinyl: A Conversation with Vinyl Dreams // I think the Lower Haight is is one of the great SF neighborhoods left. If you meet someone over 40 who’s been living here a while, talk to them. They have some incredible stories and add to the rich history in this neighborhood-- whether you’re talking about the Black Panthers, or the anti-war movement in the 70s, and Gay Pride. As much as I think people move here to rewrite the story, there are landmarks and stories all over town, at every corner.

The strange revival of vinyl records // Like an ageing rocker, vinyl is making a comeback. In the first half of this year, the RIAA says, sales reached $224m, up by 13% year on year. In 2019 as a whole they should reach $500m and exceed those of CDs for the first time since 1986. Even so, vinyl still accounts for only 4% of the market for recorded music.

“Sweat and hope and the love for music”: Meet the team behind Nyege Nyege Festival //
The Nyege Nyege team have overcome challenges on a scale many festivals elsewhere couldn’t imagine.

While things have progressed from having only two CDJs in the whole country, Darlyne says she’s still witnessed stage-hands running vinyl decks between artists and elaborate lengths reached to transport a Funktion-One system all the way from Kenya.

UGH. NEW TENANTS OF FORMER OUTPUT SPACE REMOVED CLUB’S $1.5 MILLION FUNKTION-ONE SYSTEM // This month it was revealed that the former site of Output on Wythe Avenue is being converted into an 18,000-square-foot event space and Japanese bar/restaurant.

A Peek Inside Berlin's Queer Club Scene Before Hitler Destroyed It // A new book tells the true stories behind Cabaret, and what was possibly the most thrilling gay party scene the world has ever known. Queer Identities and Politics in Germany: A History, 1880-1945 by Clayton J. Whisnant

This Photographer Captured NYC’s Underground Icons, from Warhol to Divine // Marcus Leatherdale arrived in New York in 1978 ready to “make his mark” on the city – he did so by creating stunning portraits of the era’s underground luminaries, from Leigh Bowery and Cookie Mueller to Andy Warhol and Tina Chow.

Love Synth Pop? Thank Wendy Carlos, the Trans Woman Who Invented It. // Carlos, now almost 80 years old, has two Ivy League degrees, three Grammy Awards (all for her 1968 classic Switched-On Bach), and a handful of critically acclaimed film scores (for 1971’s A Clockwork Orange and 1980’s The Shining, among others) under her belt.

Providence considers hiring a dedicated “nightlife czar” // The idea is to create an Office of Nightlife and Culture, which would serve as liaison between industry professionals, public safety officials, and city government.
Meet the ravers who threw a huge party at the People’s Vote March // The MC gave a shout-out to the people that had gathered on the gallery’s balcony:  “We love you all! You’re welcome in London”. Berghain even got a mention on the mic to rapturous cheers, because of the many things we’re reluctant to kiss goodbye to if we do leave, risking rejection from the Berlin superclub is right up there.

Dancefloor Solidarity: Belgrade’s Community Spirit //
Belgrade is no stranger to amplified cliches, especially considering the recent surge of interest surrounding Eastern Europe. As creatives in the city made clear to me, this exotification of the East is tiring.

“If you’re part of this underground scene, you still do it mostly for the passion,” she reveals. “Internationally this whole scene has become much more entertainment and business than it is about community and culture.” For Tijana, Belgrade still has this “feeling of community and culture.”

#30 __ the good old days // We need a healthy respect for the past and awareness for what has been lost over time. But it was so frustrating to hear established members of the community speak with such a low regard for the many incredible things happening in Bushwick right now.

Men who want to boost equality in dance music should get on with it // Less using wokeness for self-promotion, please.

No-one wants to alienate the decent men out there who are genuinely doing their best to support diversity, and I know we don’t often hear much about them. But that’s exactly how it should be: if you truly want to help minorities, work quietly behind the scenes and let your actions whisper for themselves.

How can the dance music community help shape a better world? // In conversation with RA cofounder Nick Sabine at ADE, Turner discussed the opportunity (and responsibility) of brands, marketing and music in delivering a meaningful impact on wider society.

Nina Kraviz faces accusations of racism over appropriating cornrows and insensitive comments on Twitter // Kraviz accused the Discwoman cofounder of being "an actual racist" in a since-deleted tweet. She continued: "I [come] from a remote Asian city, and all my life I had very little to do with what you are talking about. You have no right to speak to me this way." Hutchinson then said, "You're in over your head. Please read a book."

Explore our diverse collection of themed stories // (archive of RBMA articles)
Nov. 6-17
The Oddly Satisfying Spa // A first-of-its-kind relaxation center using immersive art and technology to deliver a suite of multi-sensory wellness experiences designed just for you 💜 Each 2 hour session is small and intimate to allow ample time and space to explore our 10 relaxation stations.

$5 off w/ code: TQ_SPA
10-8 // OTHER SHIP: Spectrum Halloween 2019 @ Nowadays // Cheaper at the door in other worldly attire... it's HALLOWEEN so push it to the limit.

20% off presales
9-3 // Optimo @ Public Records // DJ duo Twitch + Jonnie Wilkes are back in the Sound Room for a Halloween night 6-hour special sure to rattle the bones. Known for their eclectic vibe, Optimo (Espacio)’s sets have an otherworldly quality that will possess your feet with grooves from beyond the grave.

10-4 // Synergy 7.0: Halloween Edition {Dee Diggs, Honey B, Panooc} @ Jupiter Disco // Come in costume or as you are! This is a NO COVER Halloween dance party.

10 // Loveless Records w/ DJ Love, Auntie Starr, zorenLo, Montepiedra & Gooddroid @ Elsewhere Loft
10-8 // Club Night Club Halloween: Solid Blake, Ploy, Simo Cell, SHYBOI @ TBA // Top of the bill is Solid Blake, Glaswegian sensation now based in Copenhagen, over in the states for the first time. Expect hard hitting electro, ethereal rave tracks, and squelchy bass in abundance. Some eyes closed legs gone, proper work out grooves are in store.

33.5% off presales
10-4 // Rachel Noon and FIT Siegel @ Nowadays // NYC's own Rachel Noon — founder of Large Marge and resident of Unter— teams up with FIT Sound boss and FXHE alum FIT Siegel.

10-4 // Silent Servant @ Public Records // Whether it’s his eclectic NTS Radio show Optimistic Decay or on his Jealous God label with partners Regis + James Ruskin, Silent Servant guarantees that this won’t be another normal night out.

10-4 // Jack Dept NYC. / Trackman / Russel E.L. Butler / John Barera @ Bossa // In the 90s, Trackman built some timeless and powerful records that are still played heavily to this day, such as 1996's "Don't Stop". Russell E.L. Butler's beautiful album on Left Hand Path has been on rotation at JACK DEPT.

11-4 // DotNothing Presents H0l0mass @ H0L0 // Ma Sha, Rose Kourts, Alec McGovern, Finley BL. The day after Halloween is commonly known as All Saint’s Day, The Feast of all Souls, or Hallowmass. On this, the 1st of November, .Nothing invites you to bring your true selves and join us for H0L0MASS.

11-4 // Öona Dahl, Baltra, More (Elsewhere 2nd Anniversary Weekend!) @ Elsewhere

10-5 // Function / NDRX @ BASEMENT // Function has been DJing and making music for over 25 years and is the only non-Birmingham artist to release on the legendary Downwards imprint. Ndrx is an Georgian electronic music activist and resident Dj at the club Bassiani, part of this scene for more than a decade.

10-6 // The Bunker / Omnidisc with Anthony Rother, Danny Daze, Unjust @ Market Hotel // OMNIDISC is Danny Daze’s Miami based imprint, exploring everything from techno to electro to IDM, and especially the weird unclassifiable music we love so much. Anthony Rother is a stone cold electronic music legend. Unjust explores many eras and genres.

10-9 // Golden Record NYC presents Underground Quality - 15 years // Jus-Ed, Dana Ruh, DJ Qu, Son of Sound.
7-11 // Ambient Church New York: Kara-Lis Coverdale / Kelly Moran @ Bushwick United Methodist Parish // Ambient Church is a nomadic experiential event series dedicated to working with artists to bring new ecologies to architecturally unique spaces through transcendent audio and visual performance.

10-4 // HOT ‘N SPICY 019: reddaughter + Reginald @ Mood Ring // *** POC TO THE FRONT *** reddaughter, Reginald, NK Badtz Maru

10-4 // Kenny Dope, Jay Daniel, The Duchess, AceMoMa, Rissa Garcia; An MMMXXI Experience (Elsewhere Anniversary Weekend!) // HALL: Kenny Dope, Jay Daniel, The Duchess. ZONE ONE: AceMoMa, Rissa Garcia, Joyce Tang. LOFT: An MMMXXI Experience: Bachtroy, Von Isaac.

10:30-4 // Ron Trent + Trinidadian Deep @ Public Records // Chicago deep house stalwart Ron Trent has spawned a wealth of lush, groovy, and deeply textured tracks but his skills as a musician, DJ, and label operator for Prescription Records are just as worthy of recognition. Joining him is his right hand man and Prescription Records artist Trinidadian Deep.

10-5 // Xiorro / Auspex / FadeFace @ BASEMENT // Xiorro co-founded ALKHEMY and The Black Hole, with a mission to highlight diversity in techno. Auspex plays host and resident to the monthly techno party, Dominion. FadeFace focuses on the live improvisational aspect of modular synthesis in a Eurorack format.

10-5 // Occupy The Disco all night long + LaGaSta @ Good Room // Occupy The Disco (OXD) is the New York-based DJ collective of Tad Haes, DJ RuBot, and Josh Appelbaum. They draw inspiration from queer nightlife’s musical legacy, with a repertoire that spans from soulful house to spacey techno.

10-6 // Teksupport: Recondite / Mike Servito x Justin Cudmore / Maroje T @ 53 Scott

10-6 // Umfang, DJ Slip and Akua @ Nowadays // Discwoman co-founder and Nowadays resident Umfang teams up with longtime techno force DJ Slip and rising Brooklyn star Akua.

10-7 // Fatal Error @ Bossa // Tonight will be the introduction of Fatal Error; a collective of females promoting live, brvtal, militant techno. One of our main aims is to promote live acts. 10-11: SECRET DJ, 11-1: Octonomy, 1-2: MÆDON, 2-4: GIA

11:30-9 // Melting Point After Hours @ TBA // 𝕴𝖓 𝖙𝖍𝖊 𝖓𝖆𝖒𝖊 𝖔𝖋 𝖔𝖚𝖗 𝖑𝖔𝖛𝖊𝖉 𝖔𝖓𝖊𝖘 𝖜𝖍𝖔 𝖍𝖆𝖛𝖊 𝖙𝖗𝖆𝖓𝖘𝖎𝖙𝖎𝖔𝖓𝖊𝖉 𝖙𝖔 𝖙𝖍𝖊 𝖔𝖙𝖍𝖊𝖗 𝖘𝖎𝖉𝖊, 𝖜𝖊 𝖈𝖊𝖑𝖊𝖇𝖗𝖆𝖙𝖊 𝕯𝖎𝖆 𝖉𝖊 𝖑𝖔𝖘 𝕸𝖚𝖊𝖗𝖙𝖔𝖘. 𝖂𝖊 𝖗𝖊𝖑𝖊𝖆𝖘𝖊 𝖔𝖚𝖗𝖘𝖊𝖑𝖛𝖊𝖘 𝖔𝖋 𝖗𝖚𝖑𝖊𝖘 𝖆𝖓𝖉 𝖊𝖝𝖕𝖊𝖈𝖙 𝖙𝖍𝖊 𝖚𝖓𝖊𝖝𝖕𝖊𝖈𝖙𝖊𝖉. 𝕿𝖊𝖈𝖍𝖓𝖔, 𝕽𝖊𝖌𝖌𝖆𝖊𝖙𝖔𝖓, 𝕳𝖆𝖗𝖉𝖈𝖔𝖗𝖊, 𝕯𝖊𝖒𝖇𝖔𝖜, 𝕾𝖕𝖊𝖊𝖉𝖈𝖔𝖗𝖊, 𝕳𝖔𝖗𝖗𝖔𝖗𝖈𝖔𝖗𝖊. 𝕸𝖆𝖞 𝖙𝖍𝖎𝖘 𝖇𝖊 𝖆 𝖋𝖗𝖊𝖆𝖐𝖋𝖊𝖘𝖙 𝖋𝖔𝖗 𝖆𝖑𝖑.
3-9 // Ash Lauryn All Day @ Nowadays // Ash Lauryn is a Detroit native, an Atlanta resident and the founder of the blog and NTS radio show Underground and Black. She'll be at the controls all day for this one.

9-3 // Skatebård & Beta Librae @ Public Records // Hailing from Norway, Bård Aasen Lødemel otherwise known as Skatebård will be making his way overseas for an extended set. Known as a champion of italo-disco, techno, electro + much more, Skatebård’s rolling and airy concoctions have been released on world renowned labels such as Balsa Wood, Digitalo Enterprises, Radius Records, Supersoul Recordings + many more.
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Today 2-8pm // Melting Point Apocalipsis Protest Rave at ICE Headquarters @ Foley Sq // WE STAND FOR MIGRANTS AND RIGHTS AT OUR BORDER. HOLDING SPACE, MAKING NOISE, AND RAISING VISIBILITY.

Resistance, Protest, Joy: Inside Brooklyn's Melting Point Party // Many of the Latinx artists who have played Melting Point have had family members deported. "No one's here to be a techno snob or a noise head. They're here because they care about people." Melting Point has raised over $20,000 for Al Otro Lado.

Is That High Horse Comfortable? //
 Electronic music in 2019 is increasingly a bourgeois exercise with all sorts of economic, cultural and geographic barriers to entry. There’s something terribly dishonest about people who fly to festivals, pay exorbitant door prices, fork out even more for drugs and alcohol, buy vinyl and constantly wear the latest Nike gear anointing themselves as electronic music’s moral police.

Amazon's music festival prizes commerce over culture – it must be resisted // Musgraves, meanwhile, is set to perform alongside “500 Intel drones programmed and flown by a female-led team in a tribute to women’s contributions to advancements in technology”.

The Black Madonna 'shocked' that she was booked to play Amazon's music festival, Intersect // "I absolutely didn't agree to this," adding that the details about Amazon were on "none of the offers or paperwork," and that she was "so furious." She also implied that other artists might not have realized either, and added, "Please be patient... while I burn some bridges."

The Black Madonna drops out from Amazon's new music festival, Intersect // "I will not be performing at Intersect Festival due to their relationship with Amazon Web Services who have business ties with ICE and Homeland Security," the American producer wrote in a statement.

Three takes on how New York’s queer nightlife spaces have evolved // As queer spaces become more publicly visible, they also blend more homogeneously into the city’s landscape. “Gentrification is the removal of the dynamic mix that defines urbanity,” Sarah Schulman wrote in The Gentrification of the Mind, her book chronicling the erasure of gay life during the AIDS epidemic and the concurrent development of New York.

Queer nightlife has a knack for finding such disused venues, bringing them to filthy life for a year or two, and then slinking off as the development teams approach. Being so short-lived, such parties and venues become instantly mythologized.

To define a space as queer comes, more than anything else, from those who inhabit and transform it.

The Nightlife Outlaws of East Los Angeles // Club Scum, a monthly party that embraces punk and drag, is a distillation of the fringe-friendly gay underground on the Eastside.

A teen’s visual diary of the early-90s rave scene // Falling deeper and deeper into this project has convinced me that it’s an era that won’t ever be recreated. It was like an oasis that happened for three years and then it was gone. And god, it was so much fun.

In Pictures: London’s Queer Nightlife //
Photographs of marginalized groups can appear voyeuristic, often taken by artists who are tourists in worlds that aren’t their own. Usually, intimate, revealing portraits arise from within the communities themselves, made by individuals who live similar lives to their subjects.

Toronto's nightlife hues: Examining design's relationship to rave culture //
“Parties like JERK in Toronto and Papi Juice in New York, these parties are visually memorable and interesting because there’s a good idea from inception that sticks with those same visual cues every single time. That’s how something becomes iconic.”

There Goes the Gayborhood // “We see this in cities around the world, but Philadelphia’s density allows us to feel the sting of gentrification in a unique way.”
Expanding Focus on Queer Art, Leslie-Lohman Museum Plans Acquisition Endowment and Capital Campaign, Drops ‘Gay and Lesbian’ from Name // “It’s amazing that in 50 years we’ve moved from not being able to be in spaces as ourselves to having this support.”

NYC seeks to rein in Lower East Side nightlife scene with new rules // The area bound by East Houston, Allen, Essex, and Delancey streets is home to the highest density of on-premise liquor licenses throughout the five boroughs.

Rádio Quântica in Lisbon needs new equipment // Rádio Quântica is a platform that hosts 150 broadcasters from Lisbon and beyond, including solo artists, labels, queer and feminist collectives.

Moodymann's Soul Skate party announces 2020 dates, plus London and Berlin editions // For more on Soul Skate, Moodymann and the intersection of black skate culture and club music, check out our recent feature, Soul on wheels.

Octo Octa channels power, community and resistance from joyous, heart-thumping house music // “Being a queer trans person in the world, and especially with travelling so much, I’m not always in the safest situations. I felt like I had to put this [album] out now, because I don’t know what lies in the future. If I was to disappear…” she says before pausing. “If I was to die, what would be the last thing that I’d want to have out? This piece of joy that I have inside me.”

The Oddly Satisfying Spa // 10 dates: Nov 6 to 17 // A first-of-its-kind relaxation center using immersive art and technology to deliver a suite of multi-sensory wellness experiences designed just for you 💜 Each 2 hour session is small and intimate to allow ample time and space to explore our 10 relaxation stations.

$5 off w/ code: TQ_SPA

CuteCircuit uses wearable tech to help the deaf experience music // It works by using haptic devices — devices that mimic touch and motion — built into the fabric of the shirt that translate sound waves into physical vibrations.

Four-year-old music sensation becomes the world's youngest club DJ and plays festivals // Speaking to the four-year-old, he says his favourite thing about being a DJ is the songs.

Man Suing NYC Bar For $50K Claiming They Discriminated Against Men By Hosting Ladies Night // A Queens man is suing an Inwood nightclub over its ladies’ night policy, saying he was asked to pay a $20 cover while women were let in free. Disgruntled men in several states have successfully sued under civil rights legislation to ban business practices like giving women discounts or freebies.

Paul Bui on 'Othered, The Queer Future of Asian American Identity' // Having met people in NYC that defied these reductive portrayals and misrepresentation  I wanted to create a video to celebrate certain individuals and show that we’re more than one monolithic group and we deserve to be seen and heard.

Definitive proof nobody did costume parties like the Bauhaus // "Everyone prepares his or her own. Never a one that has been seen before. Inhuman, or humanoid, but always new. You may see monstrously tall shapes stumbling about, colorful mechanical figures that yield not the slightest clue as to where the head is."

You can't call yourself a climate change activist if you're doing coke // There is no organic, farmer’s market, low carbon version of the drug.

What Frank Ocean’s PrEP+ Party Understood // PrEP+, at its core, was an extremely well-publicized version of the parties that happen in warehouselike venues all the time and whose raunchier incarnations are in fact flourishing thanks to PrEP. The problem is that parties like these typically thrive due to the lack of an outer gaze, and with a shared understanding of what happens at them. The crowd Ocean’s event drew, judging from the reports that have come out, wasn’t entirely equipped for the party he’d advertised.

Pete Staley of the pivotal AIDS-fighting organization Act Up criticized Ocean’s event, but he also told Paper, “In the end, I’m much less concerned about their minor flubs in messaging than the fact that Frank Ocean is talking about PrEP and HIV. He’ll reach far more young gay black men than a hundred white gay PrEP activists ever will.”

Frank Ocean’s PrEP+ Promised Justice for the 1980s Queer Club Scene. It Did Not Deliver. // At one point, Sylvester’s “You Make Me Feel (Mighty Real)” emerged from the mess, and it was like finding the Holy Grail in a swamp. The feeling was so entirely real that a bunch of queens returned to the dancefloor for some serious showing off. Soon enough, though, it vanished. As did way too many people from the 1980s club days, and still too many do today thanks to lack of access to PrEP, bigotry, and violence.

Frank Ocean Threw A Party That Was Themed After An HIV Drug And People Are Upset // Gilead, which sells PrEP+ at an over 200% markup, is turning a profit from a drug that has the ability to all but eradicate HIV. Ocean, who claims to have started the party and T-shirt line for this exact reason, seems to have missed the mark completely.

Frank Ocean’s PrEP+ Party Didn’t Feel Queer // There was something about the journey to and through Frank Ocean’s “club night” PrEP+ that felt distinctly Kanye West.

Was PrEP+ Inclusive? // PrEP+ is what happens when a mainstream queer musician envisions a sex-positive, inclusive club night that ultimately becomes a “who’s who” of celebrities, influencers, and industry players.

A New, Ever-Complicated Era of Frank Ocean Is Upon Us // “Brooklyn is becoming the new Portland.”

The comfort of a New York queer space can’t be pried off of the experiences that necessitated it. The joy came from pain, pain that none of us should forget, as the nation endures a dangerous bout of cultural and historical amnesia.

If the aim was to assemble a constellation of queer media and celebrities and force a conversation through them, then everyone is talking.
9-4 // Jennifer Vanilla EP Release Party @ Bossa // 9pm – Kiki Kudo 11pm – Jennifer Vanilla 12am – Love Letters – 1am J.E.N.N.I.F.E.R. surprises. COME so you can san say 𝙄 𝙀𝙍𝘼𝙎𝙀𝘿 𝙏𝙃𝙀 𝙏𝙄𝙈𝙀 𝙒𝙄𝙏𝙃 𝙅𝙀𝙉𝙉𝙄𝙁𝙀𝙍 𝙑𝘼𝙉𝙄𝙇𝙇𝘼!
2-8pm // Melting Point Apocalipsis Protest Rave at ICE Headquarters @ Foley Square // SONIC PROTEST BY: RIOBAMBA, MURDERPACT, HATECHILD., LOKA, CHANNEL 63, F00D CORP, COLE CARTER, MORE TBA

10-4 // ★ Perreo Intenso: Edicion Thotumn ★ @ Mood Ring // ★ AGUAPANELA MAMI ★ TAKI CHULA ★ NED NICE ★ ROD-A

11-4 // LOCK UP with Su Baykal, Star Eyes, Sharma & DJ Stiif @ 444 Club // Breaks and bass and drums and riddims.
10-5 // BOUND:Blackout w/ Terence Fixmer / Volvox vs Amanda Mussi / Latex Lucifer vs Katie Rex @ BASEMENT // BOUND returns with a new series circling back to our core ethos. ∞Dungeon experience all night ∞No photos ∞Fetish inspired dress code is mandatory
10-4 // Theo Parrish @ Public Records // Sound Signature label owner and champion of all things house + techno, Theo Parrish joins us for a 6 hour DJ set. A Chicago native now residing in Detroit, Parrish extracts sounds from both cities along with influences from jazz artists as Miles Davis, Nina Simone and George Gershwin to craft a style all his own.

10-4 // High Sugar Content with Ron Like Hell, Bergsonist, Mike Simonetti, Deep Creep + more @ II Cortile (186 Hester St) // Upstairs: How Can I Help You? (Alejandra Sabillón, Cole Evelev & Miles Robbins). Kitchen-Basement: Bergsonist, Deep Creep, Mike Simonetti

10-4 // Morphology: BMG, Brenecki, Svavillya (Live) & Ana B @ Secret Location // BMG is the founder of Ectomorph, the cult label Interdimensional Transmissions, and No Way Back parties.

 Brenecki, a producer and DJ currently based in Brooklyn, made a name for himself releasing harsh genre-defying output with Darko Kolar (Katran) as Ontal.

10-4 // DJ Python and TSVI @ Nowadays // DJ Python is a Nowadays resident with releases on Proibito, Incienso and Dekmantel. For this one, he's teaming up Nervous Horizon label co-boss Guglielmo Barzacchini, aka TSVI.

10-4 // Technofeminism @ Bossa // SOFTCORESOFT (MTL), UMFANG. EXPECT BANGERS

10-4 // Distorted Dimension: An Occupy The Disco Halloween w/ Mystic Bill @ Le Bain

10-4 // GUSH @ Performance Space New York // Founded in New York City in the summer of 2017, GUSH came into the nightlife scene to create a space that felt vital and prioritized queer people of color. Since then, the party has grown to become one of the sexiest and most anticipated nights bringing together lesbians and queers from all over New York and beyond.

11 // Susanne Bartsch's MoMA PS1 Halloween Ball After Party @ Elsewhere // Valley of the Dolls After Party, DJs: Eli Escobar, Amber Valentine, Johanna Constantine, PAT, Harry Charlesworth

11:11-4 // Ladyfag Presents: Phantom of The Paradise @ The Paradise // Halloween soiree at Paradise Club in the heart of Times Square! Music by: Michael Magnan, Dicap, Greg K.

10-5 // Firehouse x Correspondant with Jennifer Cardini, Kim Ann Foxman, JDH and Dave P Plus Love Tempo @ Good Room
10-6 // Wrecked w/ Carlos Souffront @ BASEMENT // We're beyond excited to announce our October event with the absolute boss, Carlos Souffront. This one has been a long time coming and if you're not familiar you're in for a treat. If you are familiar, then you know this is one not to miss. With lots of other parties in the seasonal spirit, come for a dance! We are always music first so come as you please.
11-11 // Unter XXXtraween @ Sugarhill Disco // Boris (Berghain | Panorama Bar / Berlin). Steve Poindexter (Dance Mania / Chicago), Volvox (Unter), Amanda Mussi, house set (Mamba Negra / São Paulo), Juana, Mary Yuzovskaya, Love Letters, Quest?onmarc, DJ Lisa Frank, Rachel Noon
10pm-12am // Nowadays Nonstop: Halloween // ☾ THE LINEUP 10pm: Hunter Lombard, 12am: FNV (JT Almon & Michal Magnan), 3am: Relaxer (live), 4am: New World Dysorder, 6am: Total Freedom, 9am: Lakuti, 12pm: AceMo b2b MoMa Ready, 3pm: Eamon Harkin, 6pm: Honcho (Aaron Clark, Clark Price & George D'Adhemar)
6-11 // Hanz / Dreamcrusher / King Vision Ultra / Eel Tank / Kite @ H0L0

6-12 // Joy presents Bliss @ The Sultan Room // Rimarkable (Bliss, Joy), Devoye

10-4 // Cultivated Sound Compilation Release Party with Hiroko Yamamura & Frankie Bones
 @ Bossa

10-4 // ☆ angel + dren, bergsonist, musclecars ~ 4 a scorpio bday ☆ @ Mood Ring // come celebrate mood ring co-owner vanessa's birthday, freaki scorpio season, at the lil bisexual bar that could

10-4 // Halloween w/ Mella Dee, Kyle Hall, Hannah Wants & More @ Elsewhere

10-4 // XOXA presents Sensorium @ The Keep // Michael Suarez, Rabia Khan, Kandylion. Tarot readings by Lenora Jayne

10-4 // HOMAGE presents: Look Who's Raving @ 444 Club // A monstrous headlining set from New York legends, The Carry Nation. Support from Ryan Clover and Material Soundsystem.

10-4 // Geofront-04 @ Future Space (350 Meserole St Unit A) // Siete Catorce (live) (SUBREAL / LA), Debit (NAAFI), COPOUT (PTP / Purple Tape Pedigree, BETA, 48k), Wild Kid (48k), Montepiedra (48k)
Thursday (Halloween)
10-8 // OTHER SHIP: Spectrum Halloween 2019 @ Nowadays // Cheaper at the door in other worldly attire... its HALLOWEEN so push it to the limit.
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The Rise of Conceptronica // Concept-driven projects offer a way for artists to compete in an attention economy that is over-supplied while reflecting their enthusiasm for a vast array of ideas. Most of the leading conceptronica artists have been through art school or postgraduate academia, and they’re comfortable speckling both their work and their conversation with references to critical theory and philosophy.
Fluent in the critical lingua franca used in art institutions and academia worldwide, conceptronic artists know how to self-curate: They can present projects in terms that translate smoothly into proposals and funding applications.

First Floor #7 - Stop Saying Conceptronica // It’s telling that when I first saw the article’s headline on my Twitter feed, I literally yelled “fuck off.”

The Rapture’s Luke Jenner and DJ Justine D. look 20 years back at the last era of ‘underdog New York’ // Justine—By 2001, I started to meet a lot of foreign people who were coming to my parties and expecting to see this scene that had already passed. But the great thing about New York and nightlife is things morph so quickly.

Luke—New York belongs to itself, and it is the world in a sense. There are people from every place all together and that’s unique to this city. You come here and create your own mythology. DFA and our little corner of the scene, we were into the ’70s New York culture, the birth of disco, Paradise Garage, The Loft, David Mancuso, and Liquid Liquid. New York is an idea, not a place.

New York gets new venue, The Dance // The Dance is a multi-room club located on Lafayette St. in Noho with an approximately 250-capacity main space. The venue comes from the owner behind Elvis Guesthouse and Baby's All Right, Billy Jones.

frank ocean announces his first queer club night // It’s a queer fantasia that asks the question: what would the 1980s LGBT clubbing scene have been like had PrEP – the drug taken to prevent high-risk individuals from contracting HIV/AIDS – existed back then?

He has announced four house rules everyone must follow: no photos or videos are allowed; consent is mandatory; zero tolerance for racism, homophobia, transphobia, sexism, ableism or any form or discrimination; and the dance floor is for dancing.

LGBTQ+ safe spaces around the world are becoming an increasing rarity, with venues closing as a consequence of gentrification.

Frank Ocean to debut club night PrEP+ // Notably, the flyer for PrEP+ says 'THE WORLD' at the bottom, possibly a reference to the influential and radical queer nightclub of the same name in Manhattan's East Village that closed in 1991.

Is it time for a total ban on phones on the dancefloor? // If we know filming and photographing bothers the DJ, takes us out of the live experience, and irritates almost everyone around us, why do we keep doing it? Well, because we’re selfish.

Michael Kors vs. Ian Schrager Is the Feud New York Deserves // In a recent conversation with André Leon Talley for Interview, Michael Kors lamented how the energy he felt at the storied New York club Studio 54 seems lost in modern society. "The phone has ruined it," the designer said.

There’s been a Studio 54–themed party every weekend in memory. The fascination isn’t just with the place itself, but with an older, creatively minded vision of New York City nightlife.

(The Interview story flattered Schrager’s club, much more than the Times’ 2018 story on the Public, “How a Garden For the Poor Became a Playground For the Rich.”)

On @lgbt_history, Our Past Becomes Inspiration for a Better Future // The best Instagay influencers have more to offer than just muscles, vacation pics, and gym selfies. Since 2015, Matthew Reimer and Leighton Brown have run the account @lgbt_history, which offers spellbinding photos of our vast queer past, from protests and parties to riots, bashings, and balls.

Our work isn’t a history of queer people, it’s a history of queer activism. We want people to know that the anger and isolation and frustration and joy they feel has always been there.

Patrick Cowley, the gay genius of Hi-NRG // Before his death of what was later recognized as AIDS at the age of 32, Cowley’s productions defined the gay nightlife musical experience — mixing the mystical with the carnal, in an outpouring of recordings that encompassed disco’s ecstatic heyday and its dystopian flameout.

Dancing In The Woods: Octo Octa Interviewed // Queer positivity, support, and comradery are all essential to Maya’s work. 50% of the proceeds from sales of Resonant Body are to be donated to the Sylvia Rivera Law Project (SRLP).

30 minutes with The Black Madonna, a DJ restoring dance music’s Holy Spirit // In terms of women entering and the culture kind of shifting back towards the original roots and ideals, there has been a pretty phenomenal thing happening in the last few years. Is it perfect? No. Is it still fucked up? Yes. It will always be fucked up. Dance music has always been fucked up, and it will always be fucked up, and I will always be fucked up. [Laughs]

Meet The Black Madonna (Forbes) // “My efforts are centred on trying to help people who are not just enduring the difficulty of migration or displacement, but who also have the added difficulty of maybe being queer in a system that is not designed to protect anyone very well and certainly not them,” she adds. “It is not a coincidence that large numbers of people who are refugees on this planet are also queer.”

Bears In Space on LGBTQ Representation In the Dance Festival Scene: 'It's Definitely Getting Better' // It used to be a white male, straight boys club for a long, long time. Most of the music that they're all playing came from queer POC spaces. It just didn't feel right that this group wasn't represented in all the things they were doing. It's nice to see that changing in the last three, four, five years.

DJ Harvey: "I'm most definitely not a disco DJ, I'm just a DJ // The “Ibiza Syndrome” is the “Not Like It Used to Be Syndrome.” When I arrived 30 years ago, I was told it was not like it used to be. Then I did a bit of research, and found out there were people saying it’s not like it used to be during the 1950s! But after spending the past three decades on the island, I realized that nothing really changes there at all! It’s been party-central for a couple thousand years, and it still is.

That said, a couple of the changes I’ve seen in recent years, is that it’s become a rather expensive place to holiday. I think what’s happening, especially in the last ten years, is that for the price of three days in Ibiza, you can probably do ten days in Croatia.

‘Disasterama!’ chronicles SF’s wild, lost queer underground // I actually have no idea how 21st century queer clubland differs from that of the ’80s and early ’90s because I’m now elderly and fall asleep at 11 o’clock. Friends have told me modern nightlife lacks the wild intensity of the Olden Days. If true, that makes sense because the horrifically high death rate from AIDS really fed into a strain of mania back then. So many people were trying to pack a lifetime’s worth of fun into the few short remaining years they had left.

Time’s Up. The Dance Floor Is Not Your Colonial Hunting Ground // The sublime energy some of us consciously emulate and share with the collective, in the peak of our altered states, is our earthly expression of humanity’s beauty, expressed in a ceremonial way. Our prayerful, entranced dances are integral to our collective healing processes. Dance has played a sacred role universally amongst indigenous cultures for millennia.

The Association For Electronic Music shares mental health guide for the electronic music industry // You can read and download the guide here. Last year, a survey by digital music distributor Record Union found that 73 percent of independent musicians report struggling with their mental health.

New music streaming platform takes direct aim at Soundcloud // Music uploads are dispersed across decentralized nodes, so Audius can’t act as a centralized host with the power to take songs down. Only the actual artist has the power to exercise takedown requests. Or they can opt to have revenue made on the upload redirected to them. Unresolved disputes are forwarded to a committee of users who vote on whether or not the track should be taken down.
INTERZONE is New York City’s new festival dedicated to wild electronic sounds, and is presented collaboratively by six enduring local curators: Confused House, Lost Soul Enterprises, Nothing Changes, Quo Vadis, Synthicide and Weird Science. INTERZONE traverses assorted mutations of techno, electro, industrial, wave, experimental and beyond.


*** $20 off festival passes w/ code IZ2019TECHNOQUEERS ***
10-4 // Hybrid Identity. 3. @ 444 Club // ~Globally sourced, New York-based.~ ::: mayilovesummer (Hybrid Identity) ::: Nick Bazzano (Pure Immanence) ::: Anton Khmarun (Hybrid Identity) \/\/ Video art by Yaroslava Ch \/\/
9-2 // Razor-N-Tape pres: LTD @ Public Records // DJ sets provided by Razor-N-Tape, plus featured live performances by the LTD band, led by JKriv & Jim Orso with guests Nicki BThe Vagabond (Escort) and TC Milan (Crush Club).

10-3 // PAT @ Union Pool // Family man W. Jeremy Pelser and all the way from Paris.... our deep love, Kiddy Smile ! Amber Valentine & JD Samson & Victoriadidthat & Masami Hosono

10-4 // INTERZONE: Shawn O'Sullivan, Katie Rex, Maedon, Davide Gualandi @ Bossa // OPENING NIGHT PARTY. SHAWN O'SULLIVAN (Trilogy Tapes / Primitive Languages), KATIE REX (BOUND NYC), MAEDON (Sonic Groove) live, DAVIDE GUALANDI (Lost Soul Enterprises / Davide Party)
10-6 // INTERZONE: Not Waving Crash Course in Science Lokier Pasiphae @ Good Room // Not Waving (Diagonal / Ecstatic) live, Crash Course in Science (Minimal Wave / Dark Entries) live, Lokier (Pinkman / Squirrels on Film), Pasiphae (Artificial Dance) *US debut*, Sybil Jason (Farced), Dungeon Acid (Borft / Hoga Nord) live, Myn b2b R Gamble (Public System Recs / LSE), MX Silkman (In Training / Jacktone)

25% off presales
7-1 // Interzone Autumns Kontravoid Physical Wash Xarah Dion Black Lodge @ Brooklyn Bazaar // Autumns [IE // LIVE // US DEBUT] // Downwards Records, DKA. Kontravoid [DE // LIVE] // Fleisch, Xarah Dion [CAN // LIVE] // Zodiaque Musique, Linda Records, Physical Wash [PDX // LIVE] // Θʀ⊿cu⌊⊕ ʀ⋵cøʀɖs. In the Disco Room: Kosmik b2b Force Placement (Black Lodge LA)

10-4 // Tomorrow: The Spectrum @ 3 Dollar Bill // BUILDA 10-11:30, MK FASHION 11:30-12:30, SHYBOI 12:30-2:30, quest?onmarc 2:30-4. LIVE! Astrud Aurelia, Babyangel69

10-4 // Eutopia ➤ NYC @ H0L0 // Live performances and unique sounds featuring primarily POC, LGBTQ+, women and Non-Binary artists. CID IKARUS, SKYSHAKER, DJ MANNY, MISTER WALLACE, MORENXXX. FRONT ROOM: IT-XPO, MISS PARKER, JEREMIAH MEECE


10-4 // Analog Soul and Egyptian Lover @ Nowadays // Nowadays residents Analog Soul (Jacky Sommer and Dat Kat) never fail to bring the party, and for this jam they're teaming up with an electro icon. Egyptian Lover has been slaying dance floors since the early ’80s. Come hear a technician at work.

10-4 // Sublimate: Public Smangs @ Public Records // Dee Diggs is at the top of the bill hot off her first EU tour. we’ve got Chung & Sagotsky down as DJ duo Cash Money Deals. // Free b4 12 w/ RSVP

10-4 // Half Moon @ Bossa Nova // Color Plus, Ant Puke, Toki San

10-4 // Mild Fantasy~ Olive T, Frontinn, Sprklbb & Elle Dee @ Mood Ring

10-4 // Mall Grab / X-Coast / Overland @ Knockdown Center

10-4 // Twelve Twelve 12:12 #3 @ 244 E Houston St // Nelleke, Colby B., Kiddy Smile, & Michael Magnan

10-5 // Joey Beltram / Tin Man / Bryan Kasenic @ BASEMENT // For over the last 20+ years, Joey Beltram is considered one of the pioneers and a legendary producer of techno and house. Producing music for more than a decade, the named master of the neo acid scene, Vienna’s Tin Man continues to evolve and invigorate with each and every release. Bryan Kasenic is founder, label head, and resident DJ of The Bunker New York.
10-6 // INTERZONE: Veronica Vasicka, Jensen Interceptor, Galaxian & more @ Good Room // Veronica Vasicka (Minimal Wave / Downwards), Jensen Interceptor (Mechatronica / CPU) *NYC DEBUT*, Bézier (live), Galaxian (Return to Disorder / Natural Sciences) live *US DEBUT*, Rose E Kross (Lost Soul Enterprises / Further Reductions), L.Sangre (Orden Extatica / Lost Soul Enterprises), Heidi Sabertooth (Lobster Theremin / LSE) live, Nihal Ramchandani, Scallywag (Long Count Cycle / LSE)

25% off presales
10-8 // Aliens & Outlaws @ Secret Location /  30 DJ's and Live Electronic Acts. Mayhem. Looks Encouraged*
3-10 // MOVE w/ Lauren Flax + Eli Escobar @ 3 Dollar Bill // 🖤 Supporting New Alternatives 🖤

4-12 // INTERZONE: OKO DJ, SSPS, Robert Valera, Amourette b2b MSCLN @ Magick City // OKO DJ (Brothers From Different Mothers / Bruits De La Passion / LYL) *US DEBUT* ꆳ SSPS (Excepter / Nation / LIES) live ꆳ Robert Valera (brokntoys) live ꆳ Amourette b2b MSCLN (Weird Science) ꆳ

7-11 // INTERZONE: Black Rain, Void Vision, Nghtcrwlr, Statiqbloom @ Saint Vitus

10-4 // SLINK 002 - Amazondotcom & Kellen303 @ 444 Club // SLINK explores outsider dance music and too-slippery-to-be-defined club rhythms. For #2, we’re thrilled to welcome LA's own AMAZONDOTCOM, one of the most exciting new artists in left-field club music. We're also delighted to host Kellen303, an NYC DJ/producer with deep ties to the UK bass underground.

10-4 // Darker Than Wax Presents: Kai Alcé + Lefto @ Public Records // One of Europe's most coveted selectors, LEFTO alongside Atlanta house music legend Kai Alce.

10-4 // Mike Simonetti and Lauren Flax @ Bossa // Authentic American Dance Music.

10-5 // DJ Skull / Verraco / Adrestia @ BASEMENT // DJ Skull is one of the strongest identities fronting the vanguard sound of Chicago’s underground. Verraco blends glitchy breakbeats with retrofuturistic electro and dramatic ambient passages. Adrestia is co-founder of Alkhemy.

10-6 // Physical Therapy and DEBONAiR @ Nowadays // Nowadays resident and Allergy Season boss Physical Therapy is joining up with London-based NTS radio star DEBONAIR.
3-9 // Mister Sunday Outdoor Season Closer: Eamon & Justin @ Nowadays

4-10 // INTERZONE: Kiernan Laveaux, JAZ, Maroje T @ Magick City // ꆳ Kiernan Laveaux (In Training) ꆳ J.A.Z. (American Standard, PASSPORT TO PARADISE...) ꆳ Maroje T (Weird Science / SEER) ꆳ

7-12 // Interzone QuoVadis: Samuel Kerridge / Hiro Kone / Abby Echiverri @ Good Room // A shadowy and foreboding set from Blacklauren. Abby’s hardware-led live performances draw on her prowess as an audio engineer. Hiro Kone fuses layers of pulsating beats with dark electronics, cerebral themes and ambient passages. Heavy pressure, chaotic interludes and high-octane decibels are hallmarks of Samuel Kerridge’s bracing sound.

25% off presales

10-4 // » S E V E R I N E « @ venus in furs | 990 Broadway // » featuring a line-up of all female, cross-genre solo projects, taking experimental/electro production to a new, dark and sonically caustic realm « » Searmanas (bk) » Octonomy » MAEDON (bk) + ALBUM RELEASE » Lana del Rabies (phx)

10-4 // INTERZONE x Confused House: closing party @ Bossa // Drew McDowall (live), Dreamcrusher (live), Wetware (live), Via App (live), Ciarra Black (live), Leila Bordreuil (live), Alex From Queens (dj)
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Dissent at the Disco: The Subversive Art of the Party // More recently artists and writers have been less hard-line, seeing the shortcomings of the club as an essential part of its political potential. José Esteban Muñoz argues that we are too hasty to dismiss nightlife as compromised by commerce. Visiting a sex worker bar, he sees ‘men of all races relating to one another’, an otherwise unlikely form of togetherness made possible, not prevented, by this illicit trade. Whether these economies perpetuate or undo the racial fetishism decried by Hughes, Muñoz doesn’t say. Utopia, he reminds us, is hoped for but rarely achieved in the present.

The Ecstasy & Pain of NYC's Lost LGBTQ Dance Scene // "The clubs back in the late '70s and early '80s were like faith communities; they were sacred especially for gay men, lesbians and transgender folks," Stone says, echoing DePino's characterization of the scene as something defined by more than libido. "The DJs played with a purpose. The way the DJs mixed their music was to give the attendees that experience of rapture, as Black ministers would work people into a frenzy."

Klassen emphasizes that dance culture as we know it "starts much earlier" than most people realize. "It's in Manhattan discos," she says. "These behavioral, performative patterns come from disco – having a whistle, baby powder on the floor, dance styles, all of this comes from New York in the '60s and '70s."

"What was happening in the clubs was very eerie," Stone recalls of the onset of the HIV/AIDS epidemic. "I would go to a dance club and see a DJ and then the next time I would go back, he was gone. People, largely gay men, were disappearing. Even though I began to understand what was going on, it was very frightening because it felt very quiet."

Disco: a global phenomenon rises again //
The sound would only grow in popularity across the country until its “death” in 1979 at the now-infamous Disco Demolition event. There, a crate filled with disco records (and other black music, as eye-witnesses would later report) was blown up on the field of Chicago’s Comiskey Park, instigating a riot. It was widely seen as a biggoted act, and Nile Rodgers likened it to a Nazi book-burning.

Love as a protest tool: T4T LUV NRG // The current dominant cultural mode assigns gender through a pseudo-scientific system at birth yet thousands, maybe millions, of people from prehistory to today have experienced gender differently. Being trans is like taking acid, you peak behind the cultural mode and see it for what it is: an antiquated control mechanism.

I had someone the other day say to me, “Thank you for keeping politics in dance music” and my response was simple, “I have no choice”. Our existence as trans-people is not an easy one almost everywhere in the world. I like to say that my body is a 24/7 protest tool because of my visibility.

Our love is also a protest tool. Eris and I are pansexual, polyamorous, transgender women. T4T LUV NRG is an attempt to broadcast that fact.

From Johannesburg to Berlin: Lakuti & Tama Sumo In Conversation // Sumo: "I also had one crucial experience in New York. It was the middle of the 90s, I’d been invited to play in NY and it was very interesting for me to experience the big difference in approach to club life and music in the two cities. The crowd at the parties that I visited in NY were very much into deepness, groove - less into the harder stuff. Maybe it was the combination of my experiences in Berlin and NY that kind of paved the way to how I DJ now."

The big difference is Johannesburg is that it is very much a Black city and by and large Black people drive the music scene, the fashion and all that makes the city vibrant and fresh. There are more parallels between Johannesburg and London in that London has a Black community that has historically contributed musically and in other great ways, and carries on to do so to this day.  The influence that Jamaican sound system culture brought to the UK can still be felt now.

Berlin is different for me in many ways. There are freedoms that you are afforded here in terms of nightlife compared to London and Johannesburg. Berlin by and large, is still mono-cultured, although that is changing."

Sumo: "Besides the obvious rise of the right wing in this country, there is a lot of structural racism going on here also in Berlin. If we were to be a bit more open and to listen to what POC experience here and empathise with them, we could really move forward in making them more welcome and feel at home."

Brooklyn Bazaar is closing at the end of November; owners planning new projects // “we have tried endlessly to negotiate a new lease extension and term but the landlord has been ridiculously unreasonable, with their final offer only being a month to month extension – which makes programming (from tours to weddings) and operation essentially impossible.”

They also note that this is “literally like fucking Groundhog Day for us,” given that their previous location, Brooklyn Night Bazaar, was forced to close in 2015 when a BMW dealership took over their Norman Ave space.

They do note “it was a good run” and on the good news front, they will continue operations at Riis Park in the Rockaways, which will soon include “the immense Bathhouse Lodge hotel and venue project;” that begins construction this winter.

SF agency buys buildings housing LGBT bar El Rio // "We have seen a lot of our nightlife institutions, especially in the LGBT community, struggle to stay open in recent years, so this feels special to be able to keep El Rio secure in the Mission where it belongs, while also preserving rent-controlled housing."

It is one of the few remaining queer-woman owned bars in San Francisco.

Sylvester - Performance Live at Castro // This concert, was filmed in September 1987 by John Wullbrandt at a victory party for the Gay Softball World Series at One Market Plaza in San Francisco. This is one of Sylvester's last performances before he died from AIDS in 1988.

Legalize Dancing in Detroit // Detroit and dance culture are synonymous. Motown songs and techno tracks bring positive energy to the mind and move the body, regardless of time and place. Yet in Detroit itself dance and entertainment are prohibited between the hours of 2 a.m and 7:30am.

Intense rave spirit: AceMoMa are injecting raw energy onto the dancefloor // It feels as though there's an age gap of knowledge about the legacy of electronic music in North America, and that legacy being predominately PoC and Queer PoC. Our aim is to help spread that knowledge to young PoC dancers while also introducing new ideas to dance music. We've both worked extensively in night life here in Brooklyn and saw the lack of diversity within the dance music these past years and wanted to do our part to change the narrative.

New NYC Program Allows Low-Level Offenders To Avoid Jail Time By Taking An Art Course // Officials told Kramer the program has been wildly successful in allowing people who make mistakes to see the error of their ways without the anxiety of facing a judge or entering the court system.

“Art has the ability to transform people’s lives and provide new perspectives and beliefs,” Gonzalez said.

Project Reset has a very low recidivism rate. Of 500 people that have gone through the program, only three have been re-arrested, Kramer reported.

This upstate New York bar is a model for nightlife safety // We call the practice of ordering drinks for other people “king pinning.” The perpetrator will use generosity and largesse as a pretext for getting their potential victim drunk through social pressure, even if they’re not going to drug them. Grand gestures of generosity are also strategies for getting the establishment on a perpetrator’s side, because they assume that the bar needs or wants the money. We do not allow folks to buy rounds for the house or order a round of shots for anyone who is not enthusiastic about wanting that alcohol. This is a practice centered around informed and enthusiastic consent, which is our standard for judging consensual activity of any kind.

Bronx Teenager’s Death Is the Youngest Vaping Fatality in U.S. // Patients with vaping-related lung injuries typically show symptoms that resemble flu or pneumonia. No single substance has been shown to cause the illness, but several marijuana products have been identified as possible culprits.

Vaping: The deaths, illnesses and controversies over the past year // Originally published Aug. 23, 2019 and updated as new developments occur.

California becomes first state to allow HIV prevention pills without prescription // The law will greatly improve access and help reduce the stigma around the drugs, especially in rural areas and among minorities. The law also prohibits insurance companies from requiring patients to get prior authorization before using insurance to get the drugs, eliminating another obstacle.

salty.world // ⚔️ Never Sweet 📥 A newsletter for (& by) badass women, trans & non-binary peeps 🎤 Amplifying your stories. We need YOUR SUPPORT to survive!

Grab The Train At Grace Jones, Get Off At Yoko Ono: Exploring NYC's New 'City Of Women' Map // The “City of Women” map renames each of New York’s 424 subway stops after famous women who lived, worked or reveled there.

This Louisville woman's tea shop will be an LGBTQ space for black and sober people // "Minor LGBTQ are the ones who need the most support because they are just discovering themselves," she said. "It can feel like you're not a part of the community until you're old enough to drink, which is awful. So I want to provide that space as well."

The creators of Lesbiennale, London’s first-ever lesbian festival, want you to know every day is Black History Month // We are queer non-binary people of colour, who came up slinking in and out of white gay clubs and communities… The thought of shoving or shrinking our identities back into those binary spaces made us shudder. It’s the reason why we created BBZ and Pxssy Palace – so we could see just how expansive our identity could be.

Honey Dijon Is Dismantling Boundaries And Launching Her Namesake Brand With Comme Des Garçons // Launching under the aegis of Dover Street Market, the capsule collection is set to include graphic tees along with embossed wallets, record bags, USB carriers, and all manner of essentials for DJs and Dijon-devotees alike.

Closures and controls: is Berlin’s club culture under threat? // "I don’t think the location in the end is what makes the party. It’s the people and the crews that make the vibe. If we were all to get up and move we would carry that with us. I guess in the end it’s important to realise: all palaces are temporary palaces, a phrase I learnt when Stattbad closed in 2015."

"Most of the DJ world is still moving here. Basically the whole British scene moved here already. If anything it’s us furthering the gentrification of Berlin. It’s good to be aware if you are part of the problem and own it."

"To keep the cultural vibrancy, Berlin’s society needs to stay rebellious and uncomfortable to developments that are not contributing to the social and cultural life. As long as we keep up the solidarity towards marginalised and financially weaker groups, Berlin will stay unique."

R3 Soundsystem plans protest rave during People's Vote demonstration in London //
"There's no way in hell the people of this country are gonna be dragged back to the dark ages by Boris Johnson and his right wing populist haters," reads a statement from R3 Soundsystem.

Frank Ocean says he’s looking to “nightlife, Detroit, techno, house” for new music //
"I’ve been interested in club, and the many different iterations of nightlife for music and songs," he said. "And so the things I look at now have a lot to do with those scenes: Detroit, Chicago, techno, house, French electronic…"
10-4 // HiFive w/ AceMo & Moma Ready @ H0L0 // We've invited Ace & Wyatt, two friends who need little introduction, to explore dance music; old & new, released & unreleased - hot off the heels of their recent AceMoma EP and in anticipation of even more new shit that you will soon hear.
7-10 // Kingdoms 001: Earthen Sea, Gregg Kowalsky, James Friedman @ Public Records // Known for their melodic noise, ambient, neo-classical + dub releases, Kingdoms will feature eclectic offerings from their own artists and friends of the label.

7:30 // Helado Negro presents : Young Latin & Proud w/ Special Guests @ Elsewhere // La Orquesta Triunfadora, Combo Chimbita, KAINA. The Loft w/ PAPI JUICE, RIOBAMBA, Bembona

10-4 // Heidi, Shaun J Wright @ Good Room // Heidi has worked hard over the past decade to make her mark on the new house and techno music generation. Shaun is a vocalist, voguer and DJ who has collaborated with Heidi in the past on her Jackathon Jams series. Together the pair will have us jacking to their high energy house music.

10-4 // 8 Ball Radio x Sazón Department (Razak, Ryan//V, Sebastian Maria, Diego Hauz, Probablyourdaddy) @ Mood Ring

10-4 // DJ Swisha & Equiss Super Sweet Birthday Bash @ Bossa

10-4 // DJ Spinna & Carlos Mena present: Dialog @ Public Records // The legendary DJ Spinna has been linked to Spike Lee, De La Soul and Stevie Wonder. Carlos Mena aka Casamena, linked to Pharcyde and Arrested Development.

10-4 // Loveless feat. Quest?onmarc, Jasmine Infiniti & Gooddroid @ Le Bain
10 //  ELSEWORLD @ Elsewhere // 🌎🛸 HALL 🛸🌎 Helena Hauff, minimal violence (Live), Octonomy (DJ Set), Andi.  🌎🛸 ZONE ONE 🛸🌎 SHYBOI, Katie Rex, Heidi Sabertooth. 🌎🛸 THE LOFT 🛸🌎 John Barera

$5 off presales
11-6 // Ancient Methods B2B Vatican Shadow / Ne/Re/A @ BASEMENT // The Ancient Methods sound is one of snarling grooves, apocalyptic atmospheres and tasteful hints of industrial and EBM. Vatican Shadow's melodic loops and martial jagged rhythms juxtapose a sinister and seductive ambience. Ne/Re/A was influenced by punk and hard rock; hardcore industrial sounds make their way into her sets.
9-4 // Elixir: Peter Fonda ~ DJ Din ~ Rob Seurat @ Mood Ring // ~ Restore Your Health + Magic Points ~

10-4 // Whiplash: Phoneg1rl x DJ Jor / Raw Unkut @ Bossa // as always, we invite you to expand your total self...

10-4 // Jovonn + Karizma @ Public Records // Owner + founder of Goldtone + Next Moov and recently Body N’Deep Records, Jovonn is a long-time leader in the world of NY house. Baltimore legend Karizma joins him behind the decks.

10-4 // Gerd Janson All Night @ Nowadays //
The Running Back honcho returns for another extended set. We highly recommend showing up early and taking the whole ride.

10-5 //
Kevin Saunderson, Savile Plus The Funky Seshwa @ Good Room // As one of the Belleville Three, the high school trio which also includes Juan Atkins and Derrick May and Saunderson irreparably changed the face of electronic music with Inner City, giving it some of its most memorable tunes. The genesis of today’s enormous techno scene can be retraced straight to Kevin, Derrick and Juan, as their formative experiments on rudimentary hardware sketched a blueprint for a genre that was yet to exist.

10:30-4:30 // HARDER NYC 4 year anniversary w/ DJ TEETH ( Berlin) @ 3 Dollar Bill // We are super excited to have for the first time in NYC: DJ TEETH (lab dance, about blank, Tresor Berlin). Opening set by SPRKLBB.

11pm-12pm // Golden Record presents Soulphiction, Patrice Scott, and Woody @ Golden Record NYC // Soulphiction, Patrice Scott, Wood, Mr O'Neil, Donny Burlin, Mario Polanco
10-6 // The Bunker X: Resom X Derek Plaslaiko | Nihal X Ken Meier @ Nowadays // Resom caught the ear of fellow Berlin resident Derek Plaslaiko, and when they told us they wanted to do some collaborative sets, we couldn’t resist snagging them for The Bunker X. Tonight will be their first time collaborating on a long set, and we cannot wait to see how their eclectic sounds bring the dance floor to life.
8-12 // Synthicide Presents: Tempers, Diavol Strâin, & Ces Cadáveres @ Brooklyn Bazaar // Tempers (Dais Records), Diavol Strâin [CHILE], Ces Cadáveres.

9-4 // Public Records and Shelter Present: Back to the Deep @ Public Records // Crossing generations of fans in New York, Timmy Regisford joins Public Records music director and partner Francis Harris for a monthly affair in the Sound Room with one question in mind: How deep is your love for House?

10-4 // XMPZ / Tomu DJ / Arnav / coTTon @ Bossa // XIAO MA PARTY CONTROLLERS PRESENTS: 🎁 Tomu DJ (Girl House, Oakland), 🎁 Arnav (Hot n Spicy), 🎁 coTTon (Outlaw), 🎁 vveiss

10-4 // Blue Enough w/ Cleveland & DJ Voices @ Jupiter Disco //
Touching down from Brussels to grace the decks is Cleveland (Hivern Discs). As a DJ, Cleveland takes us to different worlds, at times underwater and others out to space.

10-5 // Boshers Purgatory @ 444 Club // Lis Dalton (Lis Industries, MTL), Dust-e-1 & Jayman AKA Geesemen Deejays (Dustworld, THC, MTL), Big Zen (Planet Euphorique, Vancouver)

11 // Horse Meat Disco NY Residency @ Elsewhere // The Hall: Horse Meat Disco, Tedd Patterson (Quantize / Def Mix Music). Zone One: Lauren Flax (The Bunker New York, UTTU Brooklyn), Amber Valentine (PAT)

12-4 // All Night with Mike Simonetti (Pale Blue, 2MR) @ The Sultan Room
5am-10am // Anthony Parasole - Sunday Morning @ 3 Dollar Bill // A longtime employee of halcyon, friend of Levon Vincent and his partner in Deconstruct Music, and a prominent figure with the underground House and Techno resurgence of NYC, Anthony’s acute selections won our ears right away, and he hasn’t let go since. Known for gracing dance floors home and abroad, from Shelter to Berghain.

3-9 //
Mister Sunday: Justin Carter and Soul Summit @ Nowadays // That's right, the mighty Soul Summit is back.

6-2 //
718 Sessions Celebrates 25 Years of King Street Sounds @ Good Room // Music by Danny Krivit & DJ Spinna. In the other room: Go Kiryu & The Wig Spinning 100% King Street.

10-3 // Battle Hymn @ Battle Hymn // Eli Escobar & JD Samson.
Excited to have them back together again for this non-holiday, holiday, weekend!

10-4 // Route 8, Day Cart + Wig-Wam, Christine Renée @ Public Records // An intimate performance by Lobster Theremin’s Route 8. Born in Hungary, Gergely Szilveszter Horvath, better known as Route 8, is a multi-genre artist/producer who wears many hats. Whether it be house, disco or techno, Gergely always pushes an authentic sound.

10-4 //
Black Unicorn : Getty Rene & Olwyn Rose @ Bossa
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Journey of a tainted vape cartridge: from China’s labs to your lungs // In New York City, the illicit vape cart market flourishes in part because licensed, legal products from medical dispensaries are limited and extraordinarily expensive. A lab-tested medical marijuana vape cartridge that typically costs $40-$60 in California can run up to $165 in a New York City dispensary. That’s ten times the price of an illicit vape cart.

The Northeast saw a flood of cheap cannabis vape pens in early 2019. “When California implemented its testing law, they had hundreds of thousands of vapes in warehouses that they could no longer sell because of pesticide regulations, so they dumped them in the Northeast.”

New York’s illicit cannabis delivery services have used the health scare to assure their customers that their own products are clean. “They’re tested,” one delivery specialist told Leafly. (We agreed to not publish his name, for obvious legal reasons.) “There’s no vitamin E acetate.” True? False? Nobody knows. His customers would have to take his word for it, as there is no testing documentation.

Tests show bootleg marijuana vapes tainted with hydrogen cyanide // Of the three purchased from legal dispensaries in California, the CannaSafe testing company found no heavy metals, pesticides or residual solvents like Vitamin E. But 13 out of the other 15 samples from black market THC cartridges were found to contain Vitamin E.

CannaSafe also tested 10 of the unregulated cartridges for pesticides. All 10 tested positive. The products all contained myclobutanil, a fungicide that can transform into hydrogen cyanide when burned. "You certainly don’t want to be smoking cyanide. It’s going to cause a very toxic effect on the lungs."

L Train Slowdown Will Be Done 3 Months Early, Cuomo Says // Instead of demolishing and fully rebuilding the bench wall inside the tunnel, the governor's last-minute intervention called for reinforcing the crumbling sections with a fiber polymer, then racking the communication cables once enclosed inside the wall along the sides of the tunnel. Critics have raised concerns that the new project will only serve as a temporary solution.

Moby named in connection with congressional investigation into Donald Trump and Deutsche Bank //
Moby also recently recounted a 2001 event where he allegedly rubbed his penis on Trump.

Poland's club community is tacking homophobic violence and right-wing bigotry // The Oramics collective – created as a platform to empower women, non-binary and queer people in the Polish electronic music scene, and since evolved into an independent booking agency – curated a compilation with Dutch artist Drvg Cvltvre called ‘Total Solidarity’, released in August. The proceeds will support Polish organisations Kampania Przeciw Homofobii and Miłość Nie Wyklucza, both of which monitor homophobia, provide all kinds of support for queer people and will also help redistribute the proceeds throughout LGBTQIA+ organisations in smaller cities and towns, where they are needed the most.

We're under attack in Poland // In the past few weeks, around 30 Polish municipalities have declared themselves "LGBT-free zones," a newspaper distributed stickers with the same inflammatory slogan and a crossed-out Pride flag, and participants at a Pride march in the city of Białystok were attacked with stones and bottles by nationalists and far-right groups.

The Glitch Mob and more join fight against facial recognition at shows // Large companies like Live Nation have already invested in Blink Identity, a product that is capable of identifying people with frictionless identification. A major issue is the technology incorrectly identifying or targeting fans of color or trans fans. It adds the risk of fans being unjustly detained, harassed or judged while trying to enter a venue. Possible deportation or arrests for minor drug offenses would come from the use of this tech as well.

Dance revolution: Has Boiler Room changed club culture forever? // One DJ, who wants to remain anonymous, says that Boiler Room “definitely changed the game in all sorts of positive and negative ways” but that for a while “they became sort of a joke when they had 20 streams at any one time from some techno festival or another. But, in recent years they’ve tried to turn it around by bringing younger crews platforming niche scenes. And they have succeeded, so they do feel relevant again.”

Yann Novak Explores the Queering of the Mid-West on New Room40 Album //
The album cover features the remnants of Hotel Washington, home to the LGBTQ+ community in Novak’s hometown of Madison, Wisconsin from the ’70s until 1996 when it burned down. It housed a restaurant, a barber shop, a cafe, and an assortment of gay bars that served as a gathering space for the community. “I was 17 when the hotel burned down and had only gone to the cafe a handful of times,” Novak recalls. “What I expected to be the formative site for exploring my newfound queer identity was suddenly lost to the past, and I was left wondering how such a space would have influenced me.”

What remained in Madison after the fire was only “the mainstream version of gay culture,” Novak continues. “The expressive camp of cinematic cult classics, drag shows, and quotes from pop culture was the language, and I didn’t speak it.” Art and music are often identified as “queer” when they share these same core aesthetics, tropes, and character stereotypes. “This further taught me that, though I was queer, what I was making was not,” he explains.

Leather Dykes In Space: Reimagining Women’s Visibility At Folsom, America’s Largest BDSM Festival // Folsom Street Fair began in 1984, an effort by housing activists, community organizers, and the residents (and regular guests) of the South of Market Street neighborhood to push back against the shuttering of bath houses and gay bars by the San Francisco City Council and its Health Department. The Folsom Street Fair was an intentional act of resistance and spatial construction, by gay leathermen and likeminded activists, creating a vision of neighborhood cultural resilience in the face of ‘urban renewal.'

It is not an uncommon part of our shared history in leather, or really in queer community at large, for women’s stories to be written out of the narrative. Most of the volunteers for many leather events are women. Women run a large portion of the events, from titleholder contests to bar nights. Bootblacks and volunteers at events are typically women. "But they didn't even show us the respect of putting us on the poster, even though it is because of us that these spaces exist."

‘I Could Die Here’: Photographer Marissa Leitman on Self-Discovery at Aunt Charlie’s // Her documentation of the neighborhood’s last working-class gay bar in the years since shows intimate, sustained attention to a site of revelry and tenderness, release and hurt.

Socializing is performing. There’s no real distinction between the performance that happens in the show and the performance that happens when you’re outside having a cigarette. It’s a queer thing: The performance is how you figure out who you are.

The pictures are generally of the performance. Drag is more than that; it’s about how you pay attention to the culture—how you make fun of it, celebrate it, how you dress in context, exist in these places, and it’s extremely communal.

Label of the month: Jacktone // The label was born in San Francisco's queer community, and many of the artists on the label are queer. "We will continue to support the community as we're part of it, and it's also very important for representation and documentation," said Doc Sleep. The queer mantra of being true to yourself informs the label's music, which is often more about personal expression than making club weapons.

San Francisco and the surrounding cities gentrified rapidly throughout Jacktone's lifespan. The underground scene was continuously pushed to the margins as crackdowns on illegal venues became stricter. As the Bay Area became less habitable for underground artists, Doc Sleep and dabecy moved to Berlin and Detroit respectively.

Episode 2: Through the Noise with Courtesy // 
Through the Noise is a mini-series where we hear stories and examine the struggles with mental health faced by those who work and participate in the electronic music industry. Through conversations with artists, therapists, and other professionals in the field, we’ll be taking a close look at the unspoken pressures and dimensions of a culture that is otherwise all about image and exposure.
10-4 // Distrikt1: Vera Rubin, Starka @ Bossa // An infectious selection of heavy and unpredictable midweek sounds to keep you thrashing 🦠 Vera Rubin (PDX), Starka (NYC), and residents: Ne/Re/A & Lychee
8-2 // B2B for Bahamas :~) @ Mood Ring // ~* b2b *~ for a good cause *~ cute *~ DJ Python b2b Anthony Naples, Akanbi b2b DJ Temporary, Benny Liquid b2b Mr. Curtains, Will Dimaggio b2b Oscar Huang, Alejandra Sabillon b2b IKJ, DJ'J b2b dreemseed
12-5 // Melting Point with DOC! FT: Total Freedom Quest?onmarc and more @ Secret Warehouse // Prepare yourself for an EXTRA, immersive, audio visual, after hours experience; A transformation of an industrial space at this Melting Point, DOC! collaboration. We will be surrounded by dozens of multimedia art installations.
10-4 // SYNTHICIDE @ Bossa // DANCEABLE SYNTH-DRIVEN DJ SETS BY Daniel Miller // Mute Records, Facets // Samo Records, Andi // SYNTHICIDE

10-4 //
Chaos Clan presents SHERELLE, Jubilee, Star Eyes, DJ Voices, Swisha, Bell Curve @ Good Room // Fresh off one of the most talked about Boiler Room debuts ever, SHERELLE has revitalized the sub-bass scene with her fresh blends of jungle, footwork and other 160+ bpm bombs, which you can hear on her fresher than f_ck Reprezent Radio Show.

11-4 // Janeret [Yoyaku] + Apt-9 Records @ Public Records //
Mickael Jeanneret is one of a handful of talented rising French DJ-producers signed to Yoyaku, the Paris-based record label, record store, and booking agency. His energetic sets that incorporate minimal house and breaks.
8-1 // This simulation sux - HECHA / 做 X Funneled Smoke Event @ Phorm Studios // “this simulation sux” will be an evening long audio-visual experience featuring electronic music performances, live painting by Luz Angélica Fernández, and visual installations. ARTISTS: 〰️ Serpent in a Straight Line 〰️ Speaker Music 〰️ SYANIDE 〰️ Via App
10-5 // Anastasia Kristensen / John Barera @ BASEMENT // Anastasia is an uncompromising force of nature who brings a whirlwind of emboldened intensity. John has been active as a DJ for 15 years and his musical style weaves mostly between techno and house.
10-4 // Twelve:Twelve #2 @ 244 E. Houston St. // The first 12:12 fka 11:11 was kinda insane...but felt so good to be back in our little home sweet sleazy home! Music Upstairs: MIKE SWELLS, DONKEY. Music Downstairs: FATHERHOOD.

10-4 // Barbie Bertisch and Jayda G @ Nowadays // Love Injection co-founder Barbie Bertisch joins up with Freakout Cult co-boss and Ninja Tune alumn Jayda G.

10-4 // Kornél Kovács + Justin Miller @ Public Records // Earning the title of “Stockholm's youngest former jungle DJ” by the age of 14, Kornél Kovács has been on the scene from a very young age. Expect deep + infectious grooves

10-4 // Big Trouble At Mood Ring: Airbear / Mascha / Chung // Airbear (Seoul), Mascha (LIEBE/CDMX/Berlin), Chung (Sublimate/Whiplash NYC)

10-4 // JACK DEPT./ motiv-a (live) / Becka Diamond / Volvox / Elle Dee @ Bossa // Jack Dept. greets fall with an seductive lineup of intense electronic selectors. motiv-a will perform her live set of industrial-tinged techno while DJ's Becka Diamond, Volvox and Elle Dee keep the night pumping.

10-4 // WHIP! w/ Justin Cudmore, Due Diligence, Funster, Max Sprauer @ Rose Gold // WHIP! 001 Lineup: Justin Cudmore (Phonica Records, The Bunker New York | Brooklyn), Due Diligence (Turbo Recordings | Berlin), Funster (Mixmag | London), Max Sprauer (RVDIOVCTIVE | Brooklyn)

11-5 // Cursed @ H0L0 // Bulma, DELI GIRLS, GIA, Quest?onmarc, LOKA, NURSE, S&M, GREEN BOOTS
10-4 // Queen! NYC Affair @ Public Records // Chicago’s legendary underground queer party, Queen!, invades Brooklyn with founding DJs Michael Serafini & Garrett David all night long. Hosted by Chicago club kid royalty, Jojo Baby, and rising starlet, Nico. Lqqks strongly encouraged.
10-5 // The Carry Nation October 2019 @ Good Room // Back so soon to haunt the halls of Sweet Carry High. Always remember to stretch out before you try these stunts kids, you may turn up a ghost by the end of the story! ;) GOOD ROOM: The Carry Nation, Love Letters feat. Luxury Skin. BAD ROOM: Gooddroid, JS.Sparro, Josh Steers

RSVP by Sat 6pm //
$20 door all night
10-5 // Satellite x Sublimate: Moma Ready & rrao (Live) @ 630 Flushing Ave // This event brings together a unique opportunity to partake in an underground dance party alongside an entire art festival packed full of installations and experiences. And all within the singular setting of The Pfizer Building’s 12000 square feet of raw industrial space.

50% off presales!
6-4 // Ghostly 20 @ Elsewhere // The early show takes place in The Hall and Zone One, featuring live sets by Gold Panda, Shigeto, Ouri, The Sight Below and more. The late show continues with DJ sets by Matthew Dear, Ciel, and Galcher Lustwerk. The Loft is open all night long hosting DJ sets by Starchild & The New Romantic, Michna, and Xeno and Oaklander.

10-4 // Confused House @ Bossa // Wilted Woman, Salenta, Voice Training, James k, bookworms

10-4 // HOT ‘N SPICY 018 @ Mood Ring // *** POC TO THE FRONT *** SIN-PIT, pholl throttle, NK Badtz Maru, Arnav

10-5 // Joel Mull / Young Male @ BASEMENT // Mull’s introduction to techno came when, as a 16-year-old, he made the pilgrimage to Manchester from Stockholm, UK’s storied Hacienda nightclub, propelled by his interested in that city’s early ‘90s indie dance scene. White Material co-founder Young Male is deeply embedded in New York’s underground.

10-6 // Beta Librae All Night @ Nowadays // Beta Librae has releases on 1080p, Incienso and Allergy Season. She's also a resident here at Nowadays
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Man charged in suspected overdose that killed three at Pittsburgh after-party // Survivors said they thought the white powder was cocaine, but after "they did a 'bump'" of the drug, "people immediately began to drop," according to a statement from federal prosecutors.

NARCAN® (naloxone) Nasal Spray is available from your pharmacist without a prescription from your doctor. NARCAN® is also covered by most major insurance plans.

Couple gets surprise package of $550K in ecstasy pills // An unnamed woman, 58, thought the purple tablets were “decorative pebbles.” The originally planned cozy breakfast was quickly over and, to the horror of the couple, it turned out that though one of the packages did contain the two dresses, the second, however, had 24,800 Ecstasy tablets.

First Floor #4 - Streaming Blues // Streaming in the DJ booth is a contentious idea that’s likely to prompt all sorts of debate in the years ahead, both in terms of what constitutes “real” DJing (I’m yawning already) and the ethics of DJs getting paid thousands of dollars to play music that they not only don’t own, but whose original creators are potentially only being paid a fraction of a penny per spin.

How producers can get paid through streaming services // Streaming platforms are notoriously tight-lipped about their royalty and payout models, but it’s well known that they’re generally paying fractions of a penny for each listen. The current system is one where artists with thousands, or even hundreds of thousands of plays, are receiving only a pittance – and that’s before their labels, managers, distributors, and other industry players have taken their cut.

Support. Organize. Sustain. // Tapping into a pool of leading minds and experienced voices, S.O.S. will focus not only on protecting many of the foundational values that underpin our collective scene/industry, but also on creating needed change as it moves into the future. While many of these conversations are already happening behind the scenes, there is a need for these topics to be developed and heard by wider audiences.

TS Raver // collective tranarchy ⚡️ Engaging in spatial activism, critical care and nightlife (dis)organizing

LGBTQ dance group literally stops traffic at D.C. climate change protest // The self-described queer and trans dance group WERK for Peace participated via the medium of dance, and were accompanied by a cyclist towing a wagon with mobile speakers blasting dance music.

Guerrilla Subway PSAs Urge Riders Not To 'Snitch' On Farebeaters // "This is just broken windows policing in an effort to continue to incarcerate our community," said one organizer. "It's clear that so many people are sick and tired of policing of poor black and brown folks who just want to access public transportation."

Pushed Out. She’d lived on this historically black D.C. block for 40 years. Now the city she knew was vanishing, and so was her place in it. // “Like, you can go into the Rite Aid, and you will see 48 boxes of hair color and only three for a person of color. And it doesn’t make sense because we were here. We are still here. But it’s almost as if you don’t exist.”

Researcher uses music sampling to study cultural conformity bias // He was able to find which piece of sampled music has been used the most by other artists (a drum break from "Amen, Brother")—and the ways that it is used by artists working in different genres. He found, for example, that hip-hop artists tended to use more of the same snippets than artists in other genres.

High Dining // “It’s very farm-to-table in every respect, with our food and with the bud.” She goes on to explain how she’ll create dishes to complement both the flavors and the psychoactive effects of whatever strain is “in season.” Blue Dream, for example, pairs well with sweet and savory dishes alike due to its mild flavor and notes of blueberry.

Quick ‘n Dirty Guide to Folsom Parties 2019 // The SoMa flag now rivals the rainbow one in the Castro. Whether that flag is all that’s left of the storied SoMa leather scene in 20 years, once more condos move in and the old guard passes into Valhalla, remains to be seen. (The leather folk in the development renderings of the plaza look reeeealllly tiny, as if they are waving farewell already.)
8-11 // Cienfuegos, Xerox, X-Harlow, Franco (DJ) @ Brooklyn Bazaar (downstairs) // CIENFUEGOS [live] // LIES, BANK Records NYC, Unknown Precept, XEROX [live // LAST SHOW??] // SYNTHICIDE, X-HARLOW [live], Franco [DJ // Bogota] // Vltra Delta Drive, Antimateria
7-9 // Russell E.L. Butler + Speaker Music @ Commend // Come mend with us for two great live ambient sets from Oakland producer, Russell E.L. Butler & New York Native, DeForrest Brown Jr aka Speaker Music.

10-4 // ☆ mood ring two year anniversary party ~ 3 nights ☆ // music by RIOBAMBA / DJ PYTHON / PRINCESS PEGGIE / ELOSI hosted by FREUDIAN_NIPSLIP / COR_ASS_ZONE

10-4 // Synergy 6.0 {SPRKLBB, Panooc, Rabia Khan} @ Jupiter Disco // SPRKLBB (Club Moment), Rabia Khan (XOXA/Exile), Panooc (XOXA/GCR)
10-4 // Working Women and Violet @ Nowadays // Working Women (DJs Nicely, Nina and Voices) welcome Naive label boss and Radio Quantica co-founder Violet to the decks.
10-5 // The Spectrum presents: Daughter @ Market Hotel // continuing in this new phase as ephemeral queer matter molding into new forms and spaces at different moments in time:: Viva La Spectrum *DJs *MISTRESS *Neve *Josh Steers *perrX *Dj Sad Boy
10-5 // Daniel Avery / Rachel Noon @ BASEMENT // Avery is especially interested in those moments in the club in which the outside world becomes practically an inconsequential thought, such as a distant universe. Noon, who began crafting her sound in the 90s, is the founder of the queer, trans and non-binary focused platform Large Marge.
11-6:30 // Crazy Glue x Russell Butler x Oliver Torr x DJ Wawa + MORE @ Bushwick Ave // 3rd installment featuring: Russell Butler, Oliver Torr, Dj WaWa, Haruka, Vickie (Lilei), Dominique. *Limited Capacity *Virgin Venue *4 Point / 2 Sub *Skylight *Decorations *Haze & you ♥
5 // Soul Clap Presents: House of EFUNK @ Elsewhere (Rooftop) // Social Lovers (live), FSQ (DJ), Seth Magoon, Bamboozle aka Eli Soul Clap 45s Set. 10 // (Hall): Soul Clap, Underground System (live), Byron The Aquarius, DJ Holographic, (Zone One): Jex Opolis (live), Rimarkable, Analog Soul

7-1 // Air ≋ Season Finale: Secret Fest @ Bogart House Rooftop // Love & Logic, Cry Baby, DKDS, The Fates (Beki Powell, Darelectric & Mau), Kellam Matthews & Veblen Defect, Simon Heyliger, Pjay [NYEX], Bytz [Air ≋]. As the summer comes to an end, we want to thank everyone for making Air your Friday destination with one final sunset over the skyline.

10-4 // Isabella [Live] // J Albert // Su Baykal // S&M B2B Yonsei @ 444 Club // Live virtuoso Isabella will be joining us from Boston for an electrifying set. We're also thrilled to have local hero J Albert! Su Baykal is a complete force of nature on the decks. Yonsei + S&M will be setting the scene.

10-4 // 12:12 Twelve Twelve @ 244 E Houston St // I once made a wish on 11:11, for 4.5 years it came true... I put her to bed...and now she arises from slumber once more.

10-4 // Technofeminism @ Bossa // Dj Frog, cry$scross, Beta Librae ♥

10-4 // ☆ mood ring two year anniversary party ~ 3 nights ☆ // BIG KLIT (performance) / ACEMO / LOKA / ABBY hosted by KEIOUI / LINDSAY DYE

11-12pm // Golden Record presents Point G Live, Eddie Fowlkes, Cinthie, and Morgan @ Venue TBA // Point G (live) US Debut, Eddie Fowlkes, Cinthie, Morgan
. Hennessey Sound all around
10-5 // Shifted / SNTS / Aurora Halal @ BASEMENT // Shifted has a unique yet encompassing mastery of sound and space, texture and tonalities. SNTS is an anonymous producer with a gritty, heads-down style and a focus on vinyl. Shadowy and psychedelic, Aurora's hardware live & DJ sets have a hazy sensuality and metallic dance floor intensity.
10-6 // Homecoming 2019: A Sporty Affair @ 53 Scott // The Black Party brings you a follow-up fetish fantasy. Chris Cruse (Spotlight, LA), Joey Quinones. Dress: Sports Gear.

$5 off presales w/ code TechQHC19
6-2 // re:nü presents: jubilæum 2 / anniversary fest @ Brooklyn Bazaar // Korine (Philadelphia), WINGTIPS (Chicago), House Of Harm (Boston), Panic Priest (Chicago), 6th circle (Columbus), Viva Non (Winnipeg), Child of Night (Columbus), Bring Her (Pittsburgh), Vain Warr (New Orleans), VISCERAL ANATOMY (Chicago)

8-11 // Moor Mother/Jerusalem In My Heart @ Issue Project Room // Moor Mother operates at the intersection of spoken word, rap, punk, and free jazz, examining consciousness, identity, blackness, and the global socio-political landscape through an Afrofuturist lens. The evening also features Jerusalem In My Heart (JIMH), the main project of Lebanon-born, Montreal-based artist and producer Radwan Ghazi Moumneh.

4-10 // GROOVY GROOVY — Manara, DJ Plead, Felix Hall & Akanbi @ Public Records // Manara [Night Slugs, Fade To Mind], DJ Plead [Nervous Horizon, Decisions] - USA Debut, Felix Hall [NTS], Akanbi [GROOVY GROOVY]

11-4 // Young Marco [All Night Long] @ Public Records // A champion of “unclassics”, Marco Sterk aka Young Marco has an otherworldly knack for taking his audience through a handful of genres in the blink of an eye.

9-5 // DisCakes x Remedi Food present Rave Forest @ 1090 Wyckoff Ave // Volvox, Xiorro, Princess Peggie, She Marley Marl, Dee Diggs, Pauli Cakes, Gooddroid, Ant Puke. Raising funds for APIB, Articulação dos Povos Indígenas do Brasil.

10-3:30 // Club Etiquette Vol.16 @ Hart Bar // w/ DANA LU, FLOR2K, KG (UK, NYC DEBUT), QUEST?ONMARC

10-4 // Impact @ 444 Club // IMPACT is a party showcasing an eclectic mix of dance music. Please respect the people around you and have a good time! LINEUP: Phoneg1rl, Haruka, J.S. Sparro, Din, Echor

10-4 // Ireen Amnes (Instruments of Discipline) &more presented by BOUND @ Bossa // BOUND presents... a night of music with Ireen Amnes (Instruments of Discipline), Adrestia (Alkhemy), Harry Charlesworth, Katie Rex

10-4 //
☆ mood ring two year anniversary party ~ 3 nights ☆ // music by JADALAREIGN / OLIVE T / DONIS / JOYCE TANG hosted by MASAMI HOSONO / GUARIONEX RODRIGUEZ, JR. live reporting by TESSA EXTRA

10 // Purple Disco Machine, Jacques Renault, Laura Lynn, Session Victim @ Elsewhere

10:30-4:30 // Back Room w/ Ron Like Hell @ JJ's Hideaway // Ron Like Hell is one half of WRECKED and a fine storyteller on his own. Eclectic sets venturing into obscure international music, disco, synth, new wave/post punk, house and techno appreciated by some of the most discerning dance floor enthusiasts.

10-6 // Umfang and LSDXOXO @ Nowadays // Discwoman co-founder and Nowadays resident Umfang joins forces with DJ, producer and all around force of nature LSDXOXO.
3pm-12am // Unter High Tea // Dress code: Casual, Dressy-Casual, Semi-Formal, Cunty, Hawt Gwerl Summer. Honorees: Josey Rebelle (Rinse F.M. / London), Shaun J. Wright (Twirl / Chicago), Nita Aviance (The Carry Nation / NYC), Savile (Ved Siden Af / NYC).
3-9 // Mister Sunday: Earth Week Benefit for Sunrise Movement @ Nowadays // Mister Sunday is hosting an event on the climate crisis and raising funds for Sunrise Movement. In the back yard, Justin Carter will DJ from open to close. Get that guy a drink.

4-10 // Weird Science with Capablanca▼Ken Meier▼Maroje T @ Magick City // ꆳ WEIRD SCIENCE ꆳ Welcome to Yr 2. Strange, Weird, Obscure. Dance and Non-Dance. A showcase of style and person taste. ꆳ Capablanca (Discos Capablanca) ꆳ Ken Meier (Fear Of Music) ꆳ Maroje T (Weird Science) ꆳ

10-4 // Euphrosyne: Extol, PlayPlay, January Hunt @ Bossa
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First Floor #3 - September 17, 2019 a.k.a. Things aren't always better in Europe // Last week, I came across this Twitter thread from Robert Yang, who makes music as Bézier and is also part of the Honey Soundsystem crew. It details an incident where he was repeatedly harassed at a recent gig in Spain – with racial slurs, no less – and nobody came to his aid.

It’s well documented that genres like house and techno were born in the black and brown queer communities of cities like Chicago, Detroit and New York. Yet somehow, more than 30 years on from the heyday of the Warehouse and the Paradise Garage, we’ve arrived at a place where electronic music’s most important operating theater is Europe, a place where black and brown people are both smaller in number and largely marginalized.

I don’t mean to demonize Europe; after all, it’s currently the only place where most aspiring electronic music artists can even hope to carve out a living. The advantages here are many, and between government support for the arts, the relatively compact geography (i.e. close proximity to gigs), lower costs of living (at least in some places) and free (or at least more affordable) health care, it’s easy to understand the appeal of the continent. (Hell, I moved here myself and I’m not clamoring to move back to the States.)

At the same time, the electronic music community ought to be careful about putting Europe on too much of a pedestal. Economic opportunity is wonderful and “moving to Berlin” has practically become standard operating practice, but it’s important to remember that this music and the community it spawned was founded on ideas of community, respect and welcoming outsiders. For those of us working to continue that musical legacy – and especially those who are profiting from it – we also have to work to protect those foundational values.

After a near-death experience, Martyn’s life feels different. So does his music. // “Doing what you love to do and pacing yourself — those two ideas are actually really close together,” Martyn says. “They’re only far apart when you think of pacing yourself as a limitation.” From an artist who has spent so many years making such fast-moving music, that almost sounds like a philosophy. The meaning of life resides in how well we fill our time, not how quickly we race against it.

The Face Mix 008: Volvox // What are your hopes and fears for New York’s music scene? For those of us who do under­ground events, the threat of los­ing pre­cious spaces is con­stant­ly some­thing we are strug­gling with. It has become hard­er and hard­er to find afford­able one off-loca­tions and every­thing our dance com­mu­ni­ty has strug­gled to achieve could come to an abrupt end at any moment. I hope that we are able to con­nect with folks who val­ue and respect the queer com­mu­ni­ty and will help us secure appro­pri­ate spaces to gather.

Nightclubbing: Hibiscus // Between 1977 and 1980, the Monrovia nightclub was a favorite of Liberia’s newly minted professionals and famous international residents, including Nina Simone and Hugh Masekela

Grandmaster Flash becomes first DJ to win "Nobel Prize for Music" // Flash, real name Joseph Saddler, accepted the prize from the King of Sweden, saying the award was "in honour of every DJ, every rapper, every graffiti artist, and every breakdancer".

New exhibition, No Photos On The Dance Floor!, to open in Berlin // Gallery C/O Berlin is hosting a photo exhibition and event series called No Photos On The Dance Floor! Berlin 1989 - Today. The project, curated by Felix and Heiko Hoffmann, runs from September 13th through November 30th, and covers the 30-year history of the Berlin club scene.

Why Are All These People Boycotting Berghain? //
The wristbands are surely there to make the club more accountable to tax authorities, and the extra €5 (on top of the €18) is a small price to pay to enjoy an experience that would be exponentially more expensive in just about any other city in the world. Nevertheless, people are absolutely pissed, and now a boycott has emerged.

Listening to music above 120bpm makes you a more dangerous driver // Researchers put test subjects in a driving simulator during which they had to navigate six-lane motorway traffic in silence or while listening to music. Results show that on average, drivers would switch lanes 70 times in a 20-minute period, but if they were listening to high-tempo music, that would increase to 140.
Saturday 9/28
10-6 // Homecoming 2019: A Sporty Affair @ 53 Scott // The Black Party brings you a follow-up fetish fantasy. Chris Cruse (Spotlight, LA), Joey Quinones. Dress: Sports Gear.

$5 off presales w/ code TechQHC19
10-4 // Melting Point: Melania . @ the chicken shop outfitted with funktion ones // DJs MELANIA . NY debut [Aufnahme + Wiedergabe], Princess Peggie, GIA, Ne/re/a, Cole Carter, Slavic Spirit, Tekna. LIVE Deli Girls, New Castrati [January Hunt Noise Set], MAEDON [FKA Pulsewidthmod] [Sonic Groove], Reagan Holiday. All Proceeds go to Al Otro Lado.

28% off presales
10-4 // Modal Form 33: Kels / M Parent / Kohl @ Jupiter Disco // with guest kels (Maneater – Detroit). Exploring the furthest reaches of dub/dub-techno and beyond within the lovely listening focused environment that is Jupiter Disco.
6-10 // Ellen Allien presents Vinylism at Halcyon New York @ Halcyon the Shop // As these events take place at intimate locations, she invites fans to hang out and share the unique selection of music. Ellen Allien, Heidi Sabertooth, Julia Govor, Mike Servito b2b Justin Cudmore.

9-3 // Dog Rescue Fundraiser w/ Heathered Pearls + Guests @ Public Records // Housed in the original headquarters for the ASPCA, Public Records is committed to the welfare and safety of all animals.

10-3 // PAT @ Union Pool // You guessed it. Amber Valentin, JD Samson, JT Almon, Young & Sick, Noa DeSimone, Roze Royze

10-4 // ITD: False Witness All Night @ Mood Ring //
In The Dark...

11-4 // 2020 444 91919 @ 444 Club // 20/20 VISION. ACID IN YOUR EYES. thursday 91919. featuring a back2back2back2back from: motiv-a, coTTon, FadeFace, Nukelair
10-4 // motion ward & c minus @ 444 Club // Ultrafog (Japan / Motion Ward), DJ'J (New York / Incienso), Jesse Sappell (Los Angeles / Motion Ward), Pil & mdo (Kansas City / c-)
10-5 // Ellen Allien / Volvox / Juana @ BASEMENT // Ellen Allien weaves a pattern of her own hypnotic Berlin techno, acid, freak jack slammers and classics. Volvox is known for tough, stripped-back techno and groovy, acid-flavored sets. Birthed from a tribe of light-skinned opera singers and children of the soul mother from the universal vibrations of the earth spirit, Juana grew up on a steady diet of smooth jazz, Jheri curl funk, and prog rock, which shaped her sensibilities immeasurably.
9-4 // Elixir: Carly Zeng ~ Ryan King ~ Rabia Khan @ Mood Ring // ~ Restore your Health + Magic points ~

10-4 // Anthony Naples and Cashu @ Nowadays // Incienso label boss Anthony Naples is set to team up with São Paulo selector and Mamba Negra collective co-founder Cashu.

10-4 // BROUHAHA w/ Chung, DJ Nicely @ Jupiter Disco // We also couldn't be more stoked to invite two true stalwarts of the Brooklyn underground to join us: Working Women's DJ Nicely and Sublimate/Whiplash's Chung.

10-4 // Half Moon @ Bossa // We welcome Rinse FM Jossy mitsu from London to play at our Bossa Nova residency featuring Half Moon vet Equiss and the amazing Quest?onmarc.

10-5 // Traxx & DJ Speculator (Willie Burns) + Funky Seshwa ft Recloose @ Good Room
10-6 // Powder All Night @ Nowadays // Tokyo's Moko Shibata, aka Powder, has releases on ESP Institute, CockTail d'Amore Music and Born Free Records. She graced us with an all night set in May of last year, and we couldn't wait to have her back.
10-6 // Wrecked w/ Dr. Rubinstein @ BASEMENT // Marina Rubinstein loves to DJ, but even when she’s perched in the booth, weaving together a invigorating assortment of hypnotic acid, ’90s rave and pumping techno, her mind is on the dancefloor. When the music is right,” she explains, “you can free your mind and just dance without thinking of anything. For me, it’s the best feeling in life, something that brings absolute happiness.”
3-10 // Soul Summit (Rooftop) @ Elsewhere

10-4 // Sublimate LITE: Paurro, Salem Hilal & Kels @ Mood Ring // A DJ with considerable depth - Pau knows how to bring the party. Back in Mexico City she is head of bookings & programming for Aire Libre radio. Sublimate fam member Salem Hilal deserves more plays. If ya didn’t know - now you know.

10-5 // Frendzone ~ // Derrick May / Drummer B / Denham Audio @ Good Room

11 // Ross from Friends (Live), Perel, Jen Ferrer & More @ Elsewhere (Zone One)

11-8 // A Rave Called Ken @ Brooklyn Warehouse Location // > Convextion (Live) > Heidi Sabertooth (Lobster Theremin / Lost Soul Enterprises) > Taimur (Blkmarket Music / The Selectors) > Emil Bergh (...leaving new york...)
3-9 // Mister Sunday: Eamon Harkin and Octo Octa @ Nowadays // For this installment, Mister Sunday's own Eamon Harkin teams up with house music champion Octo Octa for a backyard dance.
12-6pm // YES Block Party with Soul Summit Music @ House of YES // Soul Summit is a 14-year-old New York institution founded by DJ Tabu, DJ Sadiq and DJ Jeff Mendoza. A day or night out with Soul Summit is an beautiful celebration of house music, dancing, family, and fun. Get ready to move!

10-4 // Help UR SELF @ Bossa // TORIBIO, Five, Marcos Cabral, DJ Bruce
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PSA for anyone driving to Sustain-Release: people have already been stopped, strip-searched, and arrested by the Monticello police, particularly within close proximity to Camp Kennybrook.

Police have pulled people over for speeding, for broken tail lights, and for "smoking weed" (i.e. cigarettes, which they purposefully mistake for weed in order to pull you over). They will pull you over if they have any reason to suspect that drugs are in your car.

1. If you have friends taking the bus, make them your mules.
2. If you are traveling with white people or anyone who passes as white, have them drive and/or sit in the front seat.
3. Speaking of whiteness: if the police ask where you're headed, tell them you're going on a camping trip.
4. Packing weed inside of smell-proof containers won't work if there are drug-sniffing dogs.
5. Do not smoke or vape while driving to the event. The police are using this as an excuse to pull you over.